A Generation Drunk Off Dreaming

drunk off dreaming

I’m waiting for someone to start telling the truth. I’m waiting for an entrepreneur to emerge from the woodworks and tell us all that six months ago she was forced out of a job and left up shit’s creek without a paddle. I’m waiting for someone’s success story rooted in mayhem and built from the storm. I want that story now. While she’s knee-deep in mud and neck high in uncertainty.

I’m waiting for something other than a quote urging me to rise and grind.

I’m waiting for people to stop trying to monetize every single thing. I’m waiting for people to produce work that is truly worth investing in. See, when I start suffocating under the pressure to make money, I remind myself to never forget job number one: write good shit. Tell beautiful stories. String together strong sentences. Pen essays that vibrate and linger. Whip up soul food in a world that binges on cotton candy. The money will come. The growth will come. But never forget job number one.

I’m waiting for the moment when we stop drinking dream propaganda and start feeding ourselves substance. I’m waiting for us to stop deifying┬áleaps of faith while we denounce good old common sense. I’m waiting for someone to say that dreams never paid bills and Sallie Mae never accepted “living the life you love” as currency. I’m waiting for us to declare that there may indeed be a long and windy road from the life you’re living to the life you love. And I’m waiting for us to say that is OK. There are levels to this shit.

I’m waiting for us to stop overdosing on Instagram inspiration and start healing our wounds. Doing the real work. Laying our burdens down.

I’m waiting for us to be more patient with ourselves and even more patient with out dreams. I’m waiting for the day when we say “stay low and build” and we truly stay low and build. Not stay low and get rich quickly. Not stay low and quit your job tomorrow. Not stay low and learn how to earn $1,000 dollars in one hour. But truly stay low and build. Brick by brick. Layer by layer. Day after day. Year after year.

I’m waiting for us to unsubscribe from the bullshit.

I’m waiting for you to tell me the truth. And, if you won’t, I will keep telling you mine.


7 Replies to “A Generation Drunk Off Dreaming”

  1. OKAY! This is so good in a lot of ways. So I needed some type of space to talk more about it. HA! I love this because I am definitely in a space of rebranding and just making a more cohesive plan with my blog and business and it is REAL easy to get caught up with every coach and expert, etc. SO EASY. But it’s so important to keep the focus. The GOAL is yes to be able to build a sustainable business so that I can be the master of my own fate and eventually kick the 9 to 5. But YES that process takes time and is not a get rich quick, quite tomorrow type thing and I thank you for setting it off to say that. The EPITOME of my brand has been building it ONE by ONE. I don’t have millions of followers or blog impressions but everyday, I am connecting with at LEASE one and my foundation will be so much more solid because of it. I’m so here for the truth and do my best to be transparent with mine. GREAT POST TYECE. You spoke my life just then. HAHA>

  2. Tyece. *Waves church fan*, *puts money in your collection plate*. Thanks you. I’ve been feeling like…alone with these thoughts. Everyone is monetizing, and doing webinars and this and this and that now, and it makes you forget what they even started out doing. Everyone is now making money by telling us how to make money. And that’s cool, get it how you live, salute! I wish I could just walk away from this job that I hate, but like you said, living the life I love isn’t going to pay the bills NOW. This is right on time.

  3. A WORD!! Every blog post these days is all about coaching and monetize this and quit that. I’m sure it works for some but definitely not everyone. At some point I took a blogging hiatus because I was so sick of constantly seeing people turning blogging into a get rich quick scheme.

    Once again, thanks for keepin it real.


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