I could write 400 words on this page. Or I could sum it up in a video. I think we can both agree the video is cooler.

My purpose on this blog and in my work is simple: spark women to connect to the best, bravest, and boldest parts of themselves. Find out a little more about me and the five year journey I’ve been on with Twenties Unscripted by checking out the video below.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll stay awhile.

Video filmed and produced by Roco Price, www.EverSoRoco.com

13 Replies to “About”

  1. I literally was brought to tears upon reading your blog. I’m completely inspired. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog that captures a certain essence I feel your blog totally has. I’m ecstatic! I literally can’t afford to start a blog just yet. I’m just that broke but I’m motivated to write my crazy run-ins down in my trusty, purple, pad and see where it all takes me. Adulthood has been bitch-slapping me since our first meeting and I think it’s high time I let the world in on it! Thanks for having a platform that I could understand and aspire to be a part of someday. I was worried that I’m not a good enough writer for this but I’ve shot those thoughts to hell! I’m going for it!

  2. You are a beautiful, witty, smart writer. I just discovered your blog and I couldn’t stop reading. Keep up your work, Im looking forward to reading your book in the future! Xoxo a new fan from Belgium

  3. I have been mulling over starting a blog for years. I have a lot of internal energy that I want to get out there, a lot of hobbies that have turned into passions. Finally, I quit what I thought was my dream job to explore these passions and moved thousands of miles from home. Great time to start right?! While I’ve been stressing over a blog name, perfect blog timing and posts and ways to loop in followers aside from my mom (she’s obligated, right?), I came across your blog. THANK YOU for giving me the inspiration in the purest form ever to just talk and be and chat and not feel like I have to be in control of life to share it with the world. I have never been a quitter, but that has turned me into not even starting because I want it to be “perfect”. Perfectionism has carried me through my entire life but not today! THANK YOU. Have I said that already? I look forward to continuing to follow along and embarking on my own journey too.

    Lauren Jilek

  4. Ok, Is there room for a 50 something year old woman who roars, uses the f-bomb at her own discretion, has a very keen sense of observation and an over the top level of courage? If so move over she has arrived! Let’s do the damn thing!
    If not, step aside and watch her work!

  5. You’re such an inspiration. I love your book and blogs. Please keep writing. You’re refreshing perspective on life is sooo needed. As an inspiring writer myself, you give me life. Ashanti – London

  6. Thank you for being you 🙂 This was very uplifting and inspirational. All I have so far is a half done “about” page, a growing vision, a bunchy of trapped energy, and good old fashioned determination. But then again, I guess that’s all I need right now 🙂 – Sawazi-

  7. You are awesome!! This is such an inspiration. I came across your blog while trying to research and find a good “niche” for mine. Please keep writing. I can’t stop reading.

  8. You are Powerful – the epitome of the empowered woman. sad that there is even that phrase. You are an exceptional writer – your words flow with a raw honest intensity, full of heart, intelligence, unapologetic. I plan to share u w my 16 yod daughter. Glad u came to Texas. Ginster H. 78613

  9. While watching your video, I honestly thought, “wow this woman is JUST like me… only more brave and unapologetically BODACIOUS!”
    I’ve always struggled with confidence, feeling comfortable in my own skin, and wanting to get out of this shell that I’m constantly crawling into. As I continue to grow older, I’m slowly but surely shedding the dreadful self-restraints I’ve become so accustomed to, yet I still struggle from time to time, especially now that I’ve gone away for school and entered this whole new environment. Fortunately, I have a feeling that your blog will DEFINITELY help me to get through this semester, and hopefully my life! lol.
    Thank you for being so YOU and creating this site!

  10. Visiting your page has ignited something inside me..conviction?!
    I have toiled around with the idea of blogging, writing, advising, with the aim to faciltate the self love and empowerment of young black women. As a single mother of two daughters (11 and 8) I am sure you can imagine the frequency increase of conversations regarding growth, identity, self worth and confidence. My desire to share experience, perspectives and wisdom beyond my own home and family derives from the simple recognition that not everyone has access to the support they need. The more I explore the idea of blogging, the more in make sense to me to utilise this platform in a positive, inspiring way.
    Thank you for being available and inspiring me.

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