Autumn at Twenties Unscripted: Four Big Announcements

While everyone was off enjoying the last unofficial days of summer, I was packing boxes and sweating my ass off hauling them into my new place. Getting ready for the move meant taking a much-needed break from the blog, but now I’m writing this live from my home office! (See below…this isn’t a lifestyle blog, so you know I only get to share photos like this about four times a year.)


But, it’s pretty worthless to have all this extra workspace if I don’t actually…work. So, I’m back from my hiatus with four important announcements for autumn here at Twenties Unscripted.

The Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity Brunch | D.C. Edition | Saturday, Oct. 3

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You didn’t think the book mayhem was over yet, did you? This fall I’m hosting two Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity brunches, kicking off in D.C. on Saturday, Oct. 3 at noon. I’ll be joined by Austin Weatherington of IntellectuCOOL and GG Renee Hill of All The Many Layers as we chop it up about the book, how we infuse authenticity into our work and what it means to stay true to yourself in today’s social media saturated world. Grab your tickets here!


Blogging Unscripted Conference Call Series

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I figured I could keep complaining about all of the exorbitant experts out there charging the equivalent of a month’s rent for their services, or I could do something about it.

I decided to do something about it.

This fall I’m kicking off the Blogging Unscripted conference call series where I’ll share bits and pieces of what I’ve learned during my journey as a personal blogger.

When I landed my first speaking gig back in April, my first thought was, “YASSSSS!” But that “YASSSSS” was quickly followed by “Wait, what the hell am I doing?” As a blogger, I wasn’t sure how to translate my body of online work into talking points and sound bites. And there wasn’t much out there to guide me.

In the Page to Platform conference call, we’ll delve into:

  • Why a solid understanding of your audience is the key to sinking or swimming as a speaker
  • How to translate your blog posts into sound bites
  • What public-speaking secrets will elevate your speaking gig to the next level (pulled from Carmine Gallo’s “Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds”)
  • The seven questions to ask before any speaking engagement

Whether you want to start speaking as a blogger, are looking to elevate your speaking skills or just want to hear me talk for an hour, this first installment of Blogging Unscripted is all for you (queue that Janet Jackson song).

Real. Substantive. No bullshit. Sign up here.


Twenties Unscripted Up for Two 2015 Black Weblog Awards!


I dropped my name back in the hat for two categories in this year’s 2015 Black Weblog Awards. I’m looking for the TU Tribe to be out in full effect when voting kicks off next month!


The Male Think Tank Is Back!

Mimosas and Men 1

After a hiatus this summer, The Male Think Tank will return next week with its post “Has Tinder Ruined Dating?” Be on the lookout for new posts every month and, if you’re in the D.C. area, we’re bringing Mimosas and Men back! Stay tuned for more details.

If you thought it was nuts in the world of Twenties Unscripted this past summer, you haven’t seen anything yet.

As always, thanks for the love, support and encouragement. Every little drop of that stuff counts to keep me going.


Have You Checked Out The Foundations Of A Powerhouse Series?

foundations of a powerhouse collage FINALSome amazing and wise ladies have contributed their insight, experience and stories to the Twenties Unscripted Foundations Of A Powerhouse series this month. Be sure to check it out!

Part 1 | Choosing Influence Over Power

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When It Feels Like You’re Drowning In Quicksand

There are times when our feet are so planted in the quicksand of our emotions that we feel like we can’t get out. We are stuck, weighed down by the very palpable urgency brought on by feeling hurt. Or heartbroken. Or helpless. Those kind of adjectives are wailing infants bursting with screams and requiring that we immediately tend to them. And, sometimes, no matter what we do or say, those feelings just keep crying. Keep wailing. Keep screaming. There is nothing we can do other than let them grow into something more mature.

When we are knee deep in the quicksand, we forget that sometimes all we have to do is wait for time to get the feelings to stop shrieking. We don’t want to rely on time because to do so means we have to be patient. And to be patient means we have to let the feelings transpire as they will. Nothing about that makes us feel better in the moment or helps to extract us from the quicksand.

But, time has evidenced itself to be a universal cure for our wounds and stings alike. We’ve seen its results play out in our own lives. We look back on where we were a year ago, who we loved five years ago, what we thought we wanted out of life 10 years ago and we see that time does heal. It does change things. It heals our heartaches. It patches up our disappointments. It makes us laugh at the things we so vehemently cared about that soon dissolved into fading memories of nothingness.

Some days, I am in the quicksand. And, as I stand there feeling as though I’m about to go under, I force myself to remember that things happen for a reason. I can’t torture myself with the hypotheticals of what if I did not do something or say something. Words fly out of our mouths and while we can backtrack or apologize or say we did not mean that, we cannot take them back. And, we cannot take back what happens as a result of them. Life is not what if. Life is right now. Sometimes right now is beautiful and sometimes right now completely sucks.

Yes, everything happens for a reason. The reason is not always apparent. It hardly ever immediately reveals itself. Sometimes that reason does not unveil itself until 1000 other reasons have shown themselves. And, then it suddenly makes sense. The dots finally connect, the writing on the wall finally seems legible.

So, we wait for time. We put our faith in the reasons things happen, even if we can’t always explain those reasons. And, when our devotion in time and reason still feels as though it’s waning, when those intangible entities feel like they’re slipping through our hands and we’re losing our damn minds, we have no other option but to turn to ourselves. Have faith in ourselves and the decisions we make in our very twisted and beautiful and ever-changing worlds. Have faith in the things we have endured, the battles we have fought and the stars we’re clawing toward. Have faith in the world that sits at our disposal, ready for us to get out of our own way and take it on the way we know we can. Those things are all so much more significant than the quicksand we’re currently drowning in.

Let the emotions scream. Sometimes infant things don’t know any better. Let them cry and beg for attention. Because, soon enough, they will grow. They will change. They will become something understandable and manageable that we can wrap our minds and patience around. And, then, they will grow up even more. And we’ll look back on times when the hurt seemed unending, the heartache seemed relentless and the hopelessness seemed incessant and we’ll remember that it wasn’t. The feelings were just brand new. And sometimes infants don’t know any better other than to consume every bit of our attention and every morsel of our patience.