Twenties Unscripted Weekly Round Up: Flaming Young Love and Susan Patton’s Idiocy

I been gone for a minute; now I’m back with the round up.

Best Line I Read/Heard This Week:

“Flaming young love seems to always be in search of a higher high. The cocaine leads to heroin. The heroin will leave you reeling.” Dana Sukontarak, “The Foibles of Young Love”

Favorite Twenties Unscripted Line This Week:

“Trying to only be friends with someone you love or loved is only begging your heart not to contract according to its natural reflexes.” “I Don’t Believe You Can Be Friends With Your Ex, But Maybe That’s Just Me.”

Weekly WTF:

Susan Patton, douchebag of the century.

Newest Obsession:

Reliving Boston memories by writing that chunk of the book.  Well, at least by writing about my main Boston squeeze at that time. Whatever.

Keep it classy, folks.




The Twenties Unscripted Weekly Round Up: Walking Crack Dens and Norah Jones

I missed last week’s Weekly Round Up cause I’m a lazy ass. But, do not fear. The Weekly Round Up is here.

Best Lines I Read/Heard This Week:

“You want everything to go from 0 to 60 immediately because 60 is the only place you feel truly comfortable, and everything else just feels like foreplay.”– Thought Catalog “When You Are Always Waiting”

“I do know that anyone who tells you they have it all together is bold-faced lying and you should run because they are sociopaths.” –Demetria Lucas “Maybe I’m Crazy (33, The Belated Birthday Post)

My Favorite Twenties Unscripted Line of the Week:

“I think maybe less of us would be walking crack dens if we expeled our feelings to complete strangers who also happen to be licensed professionals more often.”–“Sometimes, You Want to be Sad and That’s Perfectly Fine”

Weekly WTF…

Obviously, those idiots from The Onion. Obviously.

Newest Obsession:

Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why.” And, I actually don’t know why.

Keep it clean this weekend, kids.



The Twenties Unscripted Weekly Round Up: Atoms, Molecules and Hannah’s Questionable Hygiene

The Twenties Unscripted Weekly Round Up is the newest addition to the blog. It’s a recap of the insane and mundane tidbits from my weekly writing, blog trolling, reality tv binging, and overall obsessing. Consider it my gift as I send you off into weekend bliss.

The Best Lines I Read/Heard This Week…

“We are allowed to find out who we are without men, but we keep pressing urgently through packed bars, stumbling into three-legged race embraces, careening off foreign hallways like a trick-shot, falling into beds anyway.” Thought Catalog, “What That Last Episode of Girls Was Really About”

“Being miserable in your job when you’re 35 is a lot worse than being broke when you’re 23.” –Malcolm

“Oh, lord Jesus, what do you think this is, a scene out of love jones?” –Best Friend

My Favorite Twenties Unscripted Lines of the Week…

“We’re a collection of atoms and molecules dying to be loved.” — “My Life Became Simpler When I Learned Men Are Emotional, Too.”

“There’s a small window of opportunity for all of us to do whatever the hell we want. There are a few years crammed together where the world will accept our blatant irreverence before it starts wagging a disapproving finger at us.” — “You’re Allowed to Be Selfish.”

Weekly WTF…

How did Hannah stay at that doctor’s house for 2 days, shower, but not have a change of underwear? Anyone else confused by that? Or, just grossed out? Either/or.

My Newest Obsession…

What the cover of my first book will look like and Rihanna’s Stay video.


Until next week, go YOLO it all over the place and enjoy your weekend.