Do Not Surrender Your Twenties

To my fellow twenty-somethings,

This note is for you.

This note is for those stuck in dead end jobs or those seemingly fabulous jobs that you secretly loathe. This note is for those lamenting your 10 pm bedtimes and/or cursing the 8:30 am call time for work. This note is for everyone wedged somewhere in the inevitably long gap between your college glory days and your stint as a CEO or partner in a law firm or editor-in-chief or whatever it is you want that is going to make you a boss.

These are your twenties. And, though at times they feel like a sick joke or sinking sand, this is the time that your parents and the old ladies in gym class whose eyes narrow when you wear your short shorts reminisce about. These are your twenties, stretched before you like an idle Sunday afternoon. These are your twenties. Do not squander them away on that boy who once meant something but now ignores all of your texts. Do not surrender them to your parents’ wishes or mad dashes to find love. Because one day, you’ll be married perhaps with children, your life will be far greater than just you, and you’ll wish you could go back to grad school or move to Italy or hop on a flight to Vegas or do something that you can absolutely and easily do now while you are untethered.

So, here’s to your twenties. To the days you get paid and buy everyone shots and to the nights you are forced to eat grilled cheese sandwiches. Here’s to buying those new shoes because you can’t take the money with you when you go so you might as well look fabulous while you’re here. Here’s to balancing the duality of grad school and work or work and the side hustle you’re passionate about or work and whatever else you have to balance with work. Because, you must balance something with work. Otherwise, you’ll become one of those drones who got lost in the climb up the corporate ladder and can’t even recognize themselves or their lives anymore. Or, if you never have work, you’ll become one of those people who lacks self-discipline and becomes a liability to God’s green earth and the rest of us paying tax dollars. Here’s to never settling for good enough because you’re afraid to-die-for won’t ever come along. Here’s to the trips to visit your friends for a long weekend because you are in your twenties and that is what we do. Here’s to your twenties and the rocket speed at which your metabolism moves.

Here’s to your twenties. Do not surrender them. Do not hand them over to some mediocre guy or girl or job or friendship or life. Because, when they’re gone, you’re damn sure not getting them back.

Love freely,


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