Entitlement Will Ruin You.

Every so often I decide to update the bio page on my blog. Last night after spending way too much playing around with Bitstrips, I decided it was time to update the bio. I typed, “Tyece is the author behind Twenties Unscripted. She started the blog in 2012 in an effort to tell her own twenty-something story after growing tired of reading too many misrepresentations of her generation. She saw twenty-somethings being lumped in to the category of either entitled pricks or hopeless peons and she wanted to show that yes, they are. But, they are also much more.”

Listen, some twenty-somethings are entitled pricks. I have to battle myself daily not to be one. In some ways, can you blame us? We’ve spent a good portion of our lives being patted on the back, dropped on pedestals and hearing just how amazing we are. We’ve been rolling around in a shitty pile of praise. In sixth grade, I received an award for having a “B+” average in reading. Really? An award for a B plus? It doesn’t make a lick of sense. But, because many of us experienced similar rewards for only a mediocre result, for awhile, we believed we were the best thing since sliced bread. We graduated from college and waved around those degrees thinking that our pretty little faces and an internship or two should help us secure the job of our dreams.

And, then reality sucker punched us so hard that we’re still seeing stars.

Post-grad reality comes in many different forms. The boss who hates you. The job you don’t get. The job you get laid off from. The mountain of bills you struggle to pay. The hierarchy and politics of any workplace. The stark adjustment in your lifestyle, unable to afford regular happy hours or exciting trips. If you are smart enough, you quickly learn how to readjust your sails, shed any sense of entitlement and work your ass off. If you aren’t smart enough and you still feel like anyone owes you anything, your life is probably still sucking and will continue to do so for awhile.

According to dictionary.com, entitle means “to give (a person or thing) a title, right, or claim to something…” In other words, there are few things in this life to which we are entitled. Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. You know, the Thomas Jefferson shit. Beyond that, start working.

Believing you are entitled to things is a grave mistake that will ruin every aspect of your life. An unmerited sense of entitlement is the kind of poison that eats away at your existence slowly. It will strip away opportunities.  It will make everything you do unpleasant because instead of being grateful, you will be miserable. Instead of knowing the fulfillment that accompanies a reward after hard work, you will only know the envy that accompanies an unsatisfied sense of wanting.

And, entitlement will wreak havoc on your relationships. We so often make the mistake of believing after we have achieved a certain level of history with a person, we somehow have the right to be mean and nasty. We have the right not to think before we speak. We mistakenly believe we have the right to act out in the most asinine of ways because “they will love us anyway.” And, there is nothing further from the truth. Everyone in this life always has the option to walk away.

Check your entitlement at the door. Otherwise, prepare to be ruined.




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