The mixture of Adele, Paramore, and adding some poetry to that last post has left me inspired to do some writing. So, some more poetry for that ass. It’s called estranged. Just read it. Don’t ask me any questions, don’t pry into my feelings, don’t assume. Just read.

Sometimes when my mind gets too clear, I’m reminded of that fact that you’re no longer here. Reminded of our extinct love that was only once endangered, reminded of the fact that we are now mere strangers. You once occupied my thoughts from morning till night but now you’re out of mind since you’ve been out of sight. We became foreigners in each other’s worlds in what feels like overnight. Two people who once shared everything from our food to our beds, two people who always knew what was going on in the other person’s head. Two people who shared texts and email chains. Now when I think of contacting you, I’m met with great restrain. You were once my first thought everyday I awoke but now I can’t recall the last time we spoke and although sometimes it just feels like a big joke, it’s not easy to spectate as a relationship goes up in smoke. But, that is what time does. Turns what is into what was. Heals the wounds and lightens the regrets. Erases the traces of love’s silhouette. Pressures us to realize that some things simply change and sometimes when it comes to lovers, it’s OK to become estranged.

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  1. I looooove this! I love your writing, period. I’m so glad I came across your blog. (Actually came across it a few months ago, just never really left any comments.) I also checked out one of your spoken word pieces on YouTube, loved it. Please continue writing! (:

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