Feature: Amber Aziza, Founder of The Aziza Group

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It’s one thing to dream from going to cube to your own corner office, but that is precisely what Amber Aziza, founder of The Aziza Group and producer for The Global Millennial Conference, has done. She started her company The Aziza Group to help bridge the gap between Millennials and corporate America and has been setting the world on fire ever since. Meet Amber.

Location: Toledo, OH

Age: 29

Amber Aziza
Amber Aziza, founder of The Aziza Group

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am an ex-corporate warrior who spent ten years helping organizations have happy and engaged Millennials. Now I focus on helping Millennials build careers and businesses of their dreams!

What inspired you to create the Aziza Group?
I saw that there was a void between Millennials and everyone else in the world and thought “I should fix this.” I spent tons of research on studying the relationship Millennials have with everyone from their parents to their co workers and created a method that helps them to adapt and excel in just about every environment!

What has been your biggest struggle when trying to develop your company/brand?
Getting Millennials to believe that they should invest in themselves.

What advice do you have for young professionals trying to break into corporate America?
Be yourself at all times during your interview. Authenticity goes a long way. Also, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!! Find events geared toward young professionals and meet people. Human connections are the best way to get your foot in the door.

global millennial conference
The Global Millennial Conference, May 15-16, Columbus, OH | www.gmc15.com

A lot of millennials have an entrepreneurial mindset, where they’d rather work for themselves instead of someone else. What do you think is the factor that sets millennials apart from older generations in terms of that entrepreneurial spirit?
I think our entrepreneurial spirit comes from necessity. When the majority of us graduated college, there were zero jobs and seemingly zero prospects, so we went to work for ourselves. Also, we are a generation that refuses to accept the status quo; the average corporate office just isn’t able to capture and keep our attention to make us stay.

the aziza group logo
The Aziza Group

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Being the next Oprah! Haha, honestly, I see myself being on Forbes’ “40 under 40”, running multiple businesses and jet-setting around the world to meet with clients. I want to have the world appreciating and loving Millennials and the Zillennials who are coming up right behind us!

You seem like you’re pretty busy. How do you relax after a long day of work?
Relax? What is that?!—I try to unwind by watching trashy television like Real Housewives (my guilty pleasure) with a glass of wine, seeing crazy drama like that makes me appreciate my drama-free world.

Amber has more than 10 years of Corporate Executive experience and traded her suits and Blackberry for flirty dresses and a laptop on the go! She’s dedicated to Millennial advancement and works every day to bridge the gap between them and everyone else.

www.theazizagroup.com | @TheAzizaGroup

Global Millennial Conference | www.gmc15.com



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