Feature: The Ladies Of “Quarterlette”

Rachel (left) and Emily (right), the co-founders of “Quarterlette.”

I only stumbled upon Quarterlette a few weeks ago, happy to find another site that catered to twentysomething women. Not long after my discovery, the website earned a spot on the Forbes 100 Best Websites For Women 2013 as well as the Forbes 10 Best Websites For Millenial Women. Needless to say, the brainchildren behind this site are some kickass ladies. Here are some thoughts from co-founders Rachel and Emily.

1) When and why did you start Quarterlette?   

We launched Quarterlette June 4, 2012, but started working on the concept 1.5 years before that. As you can read in our manifesto (http://quarterlette.com/manifesto/), we developed Quarterlette because we felt like there were very few resources for women in their twenties and thirties where they could read the stories from real women about navigating their quarter-life years.  No matter who you are or where you are from, this stage of life can be just as tricky and challenging as it is rewarding.  While there are many “expert” sites and books out there, we felt that learning from real women was the most helpful.  We like to think of it as a virtual coffee shop or cocktail lounge where you can sit with your friends and vent about ALL aspects of your life  – the good and the bad.  Also, we launched the site with the goal of providing a platform for budding writers to have a place to contribute and generate traffic back to their own blogs.  It’s important to note that we want Quarterlette to be a positive community and to try to shift away from the notion of the quarter-life “crisis” and instead, embrace the uncertainty and constant change that comes along during these years.  Our mission is to help support, guide and inspire quarter-life women.

 2) What do you hope your readers gain from the site?

The main thing that we hope our readers gain is the sense that they are NOT ALONE!  You’re not alone in whatever experience you’re going through.  You’re totally normal.  It’s completely normal to feel lost.  To feel heartbroken.  To feel stressed, overwhelmed, confused.  Or incredibly excited, optimistic, passionate.

3) Where do you see the site in a year? Five years?

In a year…and in 5 years…we would just love for our readership to grow significantly.  Our main goal right now is getting the Quarterlette message out and continuing to work with writers to deliver high quality content for the site.  Ultimately we want Quarterlette to be the go-to destination for every girl in her quarter life years.

 4) Quarterlette is for _____________ .

Quarterlette is for the woman who doesn’t have it all figured out but who understands that that’s ok.  She’s smart, down-to-earth, shy, outgoing, funny, fun, inspiring and is in the process of building her own life story.  Whatever that may be.

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