[Fill in the Blank] Consistency Breeds ____________

Guest Post by Chymere Anais

Consistency is one of those things that I’ve been learning and relearning throughout the course of my life. I’ve had mentors, friends, and professors alike “tell me about myself” in this regard.  Up until recently, I was too blind to be able to see it for face value and failed to realize how vital it is to be overly dedicated to something (no pun intended) if you want to be successful.  Of course I didn’t listen and was going to do it my way, even if it meant the difficult/unnecessary/could-have-been-avoided way.

For so long, I wondered why certain things weren’t happening for me, not taking into consideration the deadly pattern of rarely really sticking to anything long enough to feel any sense accomplishment.  How could I be upset that everyone in my vicinity was graduating college and going on to get their master’s and other degrees when I kept taking time off from school? How can I be jealous of people in thriving long-term relationships, when I fear commitment, not allowing anyone to get too close, and therefore creating my own blockage within relationships? Most importantly, how can I create my own happiness if I’m busy observing others’ version of such? Needless to say, inconsistency is counterproductive, a symptom of laziness that I’m glad I’m able to unveil that character flaw now versus later in order to be better, to do better, and to live in a way that I’m proud of. I am a work in progress.

On Twitter the other day, I came up with a few bullet-points that are the framework of this discussion. It all started with this: “[Fill in the blank] Consistency breeds ________.” Allow me to elaborate:

  1. Consistency breeds results.  “If you want to stop starting over, you have to stop giving up.” I am not sure who quoted this originally, but I’ve been making a lot of it lately. Too many people, including myself, play this redundant game of starting over when things don’t exactly pan out the way I expected them too or when the reality of any given situation didn’t measure up to the immaculate fantasy I built in my head . I used to be silly enough to believe that changing my number, location, or changing my identity completely would help me more than it would harm me. That was definitely a misinterpretation of what dedication means.  Now I know that making improvements is key to any development, but constantly making major changes, as good as it may be sometimes, is basically starting back at square one.  How will an individual ever reach the peak of anything if you keep turning back mid-way? Backwards movement is anti-progressive.
  2. Consistency breeds long-term satisfaction, rather than instant gratification. I can’t count how many times I’ve given up when the job got too tough.  Wanting certain things to magically appear is a problem child of entitlement. I thought that everything should and would eventually flow automatically and although that happens in some cases, it definitely doesn’t apply to all. I wasn’t willing to put in manual labor, get my hands dirty, swim upstream. I also noticed that when things did happen without my input, I didn’t appreciate them as much as the things I worked hard for.
  3. Consistency breeds a clientele base of people who want to help nourish your vision, because they’ve seen the work and know the potential.  We’ve all heard the phrase a million times, or some variation of it, that ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’. As much as we would like to believe that we can do it all alone, that we are these independent Masters of the World who don’t need help, this is the farthest thing from true. We all need a support system, especially when it comes to brand building. There is no such thing as a millionaire who doesn’t have a group of people behind the scenes helping said person achieve certain dreams; not Oprah, not Steve Jobs, not Bey, etc.  Validation may not be something we obnoxiously seek, or may not even be the proper term to use in this context, but it doesn’t change the fact that we need each other. It’s the only way to build efficiently. Consistency shows people that you see the underlining value in what you have to offer and you have the confidence in seeing something through until completion.

Moral of the story is, stick to something and do what you said you would do. In ‘Four Agreements’by: Miguel Ruiz , one of the agreements is to be impeccable with your word. No one will ever take you seriously if you are constantly hopping from one thing to another without completing anything. None of us have all the answers, but we do all have experiences that we learn from, grow from, and are able to teach others. Let this be a lesson for you and latch on the first time before you find yourself lagging behind watching someone else’s hard work pay off. Invest in your dreams wisely and consistently, so that it will pay off for you too.

Chymere is a modern day ambition-ista who is extremely passionate about life, culture, music, and the freedom of artistic expression. Currently, she’s in college studying architectural engineering [#proudnerd]. She writes. She creates. She swims. She loves. Essentially, she’s just a twenty-something year young odd ball trying to find her place in the world while striving to be as happy and successful as creatively possible. 

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2 Replies to “[Fill in the Blank] Consistency Breeds ____________”

  1. #1 is so on point! i always thought a big move or drastic changes would propel me into the direction i needed to go but the truth is that sometimes that can set you back and take an emotional toll on you. there will never be a perfect set of conditions to thrive in, at least i think that now. but figuring how to work the current situation is key

  2. Love this…because this is me, inconsistent. Well, I used to be & I’m trying to change. I’ve been starting and stopping, changing lanes & careers for the past 10 years now and I’ve finally put my foot down. Stick to your goals that are on paper, no changing location, no changing jobs (unless a better opportunity presents itself), no changing majors, nothing! I haven’t seen any results of my work, because I never follow through.

    So now that I’m all about follow through, we’ll see where the road takes me…I’m sure it’s someplace I’d want to be. Great article!

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