Friday Feature: Candice VanWye of Beauty Coated Life and Brown Girl Bloggers

As part of “Wine, Writing, Women and Wisdom” this month, I have decided to feature a blogger each Friday throughout the month. This Friday, I’m featuring Candice VanWye. I do not even recall when I stumbled upon Candice’s “Brown Girl Bloggers” but I was so grateful I did. I reached out to Candice to let her know I appreciated what she was doing not only for black women, but also just women in the blogging community by creating a space for us to connect and receive some great resources. Here’s a little more about Candice.

It’s no secret that you do a lot—business coach, personal stylist and a host of other titles. How do you juggle everything you’re working on?

I schedule and prioritize. When I write for profit I create an editorial calendar at the end of each month for the following month. I write everything at least a week in advance and I schedule posts on social media. 

I also rely heavily on my reminders and the calendar on my phone. I put everything on my phone’s calendar and I double check every Sunday night. I remind myself to check my email, look over proposals and to eat lunch. I even have a reminder set to call my great grandmother every week.

It’s the only way I know to stop things from falling through the cracks. 

What are your goals for Beauty Coated Life this year?

My main goal is to focus on branding. When I started my blog I didn’t have a vision other than a place for clients to find me on the Internet. Now that my personal brand is expanding I’m playing with ideas like changing the name of my blog, focusing only on entrepreneurship and thinking of ways to monetize.

How would you describe your personal style?

Bold and girly. I love prints, flowing fabrics, high waists and skirts. It’s a rare thing to find me in pants. I’m also a big fan of crop tops. I found what works best for my body type and I stick to it. 

What prompted you to start Brown Girl Bloggers?

It was difficult for me to find minority women who blogged about things other than style. I wanted to find minority women who blogged about food, gaming, finances, etc. I felt that minority women weren’t showcased enough on popular blogger platforms after I scrolled through the front page of many of them and saw no brown faces or only one. It was stressing me out to the point where I thought about it all the time and mentioned it to several people. I realized that instead of whining about not seeing representation I should create a platform to make that representation possible. 

Candice Shaw of Beauty Coated Life and Brown Girl Bloggers
Candice Shaw of Beauty Coated Life and Brown Girl Bloggers

How difficult is it to balance promoting and nurturing Beauty Coated Life and Brown Girl Bloggers? Where and how do they both intersect?

It’s extremely difficult. Since launching Brown Girl Bloggers I’ve felt my attention shift and I nurture it more than Beauty Coated Life. I feel very strongly about the platform and I also feel a sense of duty to anyone who may come across the blog. I want it to always be updated and I want to feature as many bloggers as possible. It’s hard to do that and focus on Beauty Coated Life the way I did when I only had that blog. It’s only been a month so I’m sure a balance will be reached. 

They intersect in a way as I use Brown Girl Bloggers to prove all the points I speak about on Beauty Coated Life. I frequently speak about creating the things you want to see, building branded blogs from the ground up and balancing different career focuses. Now I can show that instead of just telling.

What’s special about black women in the blogging community?

The diversity and the intellect that so many of us display. 

Lightning round of mad libs:

Last song that played on your iPod/Pandora/Spotify:

Looking Ass Niggas by Nicki Minaj

Last book you read:

Americanah by Chimamanada Ngozi Adichie (Finally!)

Last time you cried:

When I realized I had to cancel my wedding because of my fiance’s job. 

Blogging words to live by: 

Consistency is key. 

Candice Shaw is a young entrepreneur in San Diego, CA who has owned her own business and helped educate women about careers and entrepreneurship for several years. Learn more about what she does at She blogs at and

Tweet Candice @itscandiceshaw and follow her on Instagram under the same handle. 

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