Friday Feature: Morgan Pitts of “CosMORGpolitan” and “#BlackGirlsWhoBlog”

As part of “Wine, Writing, Women and Wisdom” this month, I have decided to feature a blogger each Friday. This Friday, I’m featuring Morgan Pitts of “CosMORGpolitan” and #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. Morgan and I have been virtually buddies since earlier this year (still hard to believe we haven’t met in person)  and she has offered tons of support to me and my work. Her ever-evolving array of fierce and fashionable avis never cease to amaze me. Around early spring, she captured my attention with a seemingly no biggie tweet complete with a hashtag–#BlackGirlsWhoBlog. After realizing there were many women interested in the idea, Morgan launched #BlackGirlsWhoBlog merchandise and has maintained the hashtag as a way to build community among black female bloggers. Learn more about Morgan in this profile.

How did you come up with the name for CosMORGpolitan?
CosMORGpolitan is a portmanteau between my name, Morgan, and the word/drink/magazine, cosmopolitan. cosMORGpolitan is a personal life(style) blog with an emphasis on fashion, so I wanted to keep things, well, personal. With that being said, I knew that I wanted something that included part of my name as well as a word that captured the essence of me (and my brand). I consider myself (or at least aspire to be) a cosmopolitan individual. I also love magazines (especially marketed to women, African-Americans, and fashion enthusiasts) and girly cocktails. It just made sense.

What are your goals for CosMORGpolitan in the next year?
I’d really love to be able to purchase the domain name (e.g. and work with a web designer to have an official website. I’d like to be able to post a bit more frequently as well. Maybe even create some new series.

Three words to describe your personal style.
Fearless. Fun. Authentic.


What makes CosMORGpolitan different from other fashion blogs?
I think what makes cosMORGpolitan different from other fashion blogs is the lifestyle aspect. No one’s life is identical to mine, so that’s what makes it unique. You could say the same thing about voice and style.

You have a signature look in your photos that works well for you. How did you come up with that and how do you toss your inhibitions aside when you’re having photos taken of you?
Thank you! I didn’t even realize that I had a one (lol) so I’m totally unaware of how I came up with it. As far as tossing my inhibitions out the window, I just genuinely enjoy having my picture taken and attempting to work the camera!

Switching gears to #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. It came about from a pretty innocent tweet. How do you plan to parlay what you’re doing into something broader for black women in the blogging community?
If #BlackGirlsWhoBlog were to die tomorrow (God forbid), it’s already changed my life and surpassed my expectations (because I didn’t have any). I want to continue doing what I’m doing now — growing the brand’s presence on social media and WOM (word of mouth) by way of the t-shirts. I guess you could say that I’m letting it do its thing organically and will tweak as I go. I’m considering building an official website for #BlackGirlsWhoBlog as well. I’d love to have a central location for everything in that regard. We’ll see!


What is special and unique about black women who blog?
Well, as a black woman who blogs, it’s special and unique to see women who look like me doing what I’m doing. I love reading our stories, sharing our experiences, and overall having a voice and presence online. Blogging has given us an outlet to do these things, and I’m really grateful for that.

Lightning round of mad libs…

Book you’re currently reading: I literally just finished “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso last night. I haven’t opened it yet, but “Grace: A Memoir” by Grace Coddington is next!

Three must-haves in your purse: lip gloss, iPhone, and mophie.

Your last tweet: Do retweets count? If so, “You down with bourgeoisie? Yeah, you know me.” If not, “happy 30th, Tia!”

Who are some of your blogging and fashion mentors and idols?
Wow, there are so many bloggers who I love and look up to. I’m probably going to forget someone, but: Mattie James, Kéla Walker, Leandra Medine, Emily Schuman, Rachel Parcell, Krystal Bick, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni, Christiana Hooks, and Chanel Butler. Fashion mentors/idols: June Ambrose, Solange Knowles, Jenna Lyons, and Jackie O.

What’s one thing about blogging you know now that you wish you knew a year ago?
I technically knew this, but wasn’t applying it yet …iPhone pictures < camera pictures.

Final words of wisdom for women in general…
Being the best you is all anyone can ever ask for, including yourself.

Morgan Ariel Pitts is a 23-year-old freelance blogger and stylist, as well as founder and creative director of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog. DC born and MD (hey, PG County) bred, she loves all things “Vogue,” Hello Kitty, and Beyoncé.

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  1. Morgan is such a breath of fresh air. Her style is flawless and from what I gather based on our social media encounters, she seems to be a really humble and down to earth ‘it girl’. I think that’s what makes her stand out to me, because of all the style blogs I browse through, she’s one of the very few that has established a connection with her readers. I’m really thankful for bloggers whose claim to fame doesn’t limit who they interact with.

    And It would be super awesome to see a site for #BlackGirlsWhoBlog!

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