Getting Back On Track With Your New Year’s Resolution

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Guest post by Tatum Temia

Editor’s Note: Even though 2015 is only a few weeks in, I’ve already changed my plans for the year and started to turn a blind eye to some of the things I said I would. Boundaries, creating them and setting them, are huge for me in 2015 and I haven’t focused as deliberately on them as I would have hoped. In today’s post, Tatum Temia of Dear Regina shares five ideas for staying on track with our new year’s resolutions.

How to get back on track with your New Year resolution:

Since it is February, I believe that it is safe to say that we now know how dedicated we really are to our new year’s resolution. It takes a lot of discipline to keep up with these resolutions because truthfully, it’s easier to say “f*ck it”. Whether you are walking the f*ck it line or have already given up, here are some tips to get you back on track:

1.       Remember why you started: The why is the most important aspect when trying to make any type of change. The why serves as the motivation and the reasoning behind you making the resolution in the first place. If your resolution was to lose weight to be healthier, you need to keep your health at the front of your brain. Whenever you want to skip the gym or eat that cupcake, remember that your health is at stake if you make the decision to fall off track. If you remember why you started, it will be easier to continue.

2.       Change your words: Any successful person will tell you that words have power. New year’s resolutions have gotten this reputation as things that people say they want to do differently in the New Year and never follow through on. Sadly, it’s kind of true. Instead of calling what you want to accomplish a resolution, call it a goal. Goal sounds so much better. It also doesn’t limit your progress to a year. Goals are more specific and clear about the outcome.

3.       Talk about it: This one is difficult for a lot of people. People are so negative these days. Especially on social media. You can’t post any type of goal on social media because it’ll be a meme and a viral joke in .5 seconds. This is why I say talk about it and not post about it. When you talk about your goals, people automatically will hold you accountable. If they don’t, you may need to evaluate your inner circle. I had a friend who told me that she wanted to stop drinking for a year. I told her that I would support her. Whenever we were together, I would never let her drink. Whenever she got weak, I would remind her that she said she would not drink and I want to support her in her goal. This will spark enough guilt for most people to resist the temptation. By talking to your inner circle about your goals, they will hold you accountable to what you said you would do.

4.       Write it down: Writing down goals is something that most people don’t do. They have it in their brains and never put it on paper. When you write down that goal, make sure it includes your why, how, and a time frame. It should be specific. Back to the losing weight example. If you want to lose weight, write down your goal so it looks something like this: I will lose 20 pounds in the next four months through healthy diet and exercise. My health depends on it. Notice that I put, “I will” and not “I want” or “My goal is to.” Words have power and by speaking this way, your actions will eventually align with your words. By writing this down, you are able to see what your goal is and hold yourself accountable.

5.       Post it somewhere you look everyday: After you write down your goal, hang it up. A good place for this is in the bathroom on the mirror and/or the screen saver on your phone. By posting your goals somewhere visible, you end up reading it over and over. When you read something over and over it gets stuck in your head and your actions, behavior, and mindset start to change. This keeps your goal on the front of your brain as you go about your day.

It isn’t easy to make a change and stick to it. However, doing so is something that will serve as a benefit, long after the novelty of a new year’s resolution has worn off.

-Tatum Temia

Tatum is a blogger, self-improvement writer, and marketing professional. She blogs about self-worth, relationships, and is dedicated to inspiring women to be the best version of themselves. To read more articles by Tatum, please visit: or follow on social media (Twitter&Instagram) @DearReginaBlog 


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