Guest Post: Don’t Take Life Too Seriously; It Will Dumb You Down

By: Scarlett Clark

I have been called a geek many times. I am the one who reads English classics for pleasure, writes unremittingly during the weekends and who gets a kick out of drawing up mind maps and brain storms. Having said this, it will come as no surprise that I had a bucket list; a record of achievements to be completed before hitting 21. There were small ones such as passing my driving test and then well, let’s just say humongous ones; the book I was planning on writing hasn’t exactly been written, yet alone published.

I am pleased to announce though that my friends’ “bucket lists” have always been more realistic. Daisy has started looking for the one at 22 because she is determined to be married by 24 and April has already read up on the latest Tatler article on how to secure a place for your son at the prestigious institution; Eton. We have all been brainwashed into believing that twenties will be “the best time of our lives!” Seriously, how many times have you heard this? For some bizarre reason we have it installed in us that the twenties will ensure the perfect life. Well, I, Scarlett Clark am taking that idea, driving in on a classic FatBoy Harley Davidson and squashing that perception. I am announcing that this particular decade can suck.

Okay, maybe I am skeptical and my view is exaggerated but no doubt, you agreed. In order to fly high to the top to reach our chosen career paths we have to gain “experience.” We need to have internships and apprenticeships under our belt and the ability to speak dozens of languages and have grade 8 certificates in clarinet, the trumpet and piano to name a few (and I am just referring to my Chinese flatmate.) Rather than finding the one, we have this tendency to attract odd-balls and weirdoes. Being a student, champagne and caviar are reserved for when your parents come to stay because that student budget solely allows plums, porridge and tins of baked beans. We are ashamed to say that we are the generation whose iPhones hold the essence of our souls, we love puppies more than babies and Ben and Jerry’s in front of Girls is a lot more tempting than a daily salad and trip to the gym (even if in our heads we pride ourselves on resembling Miranda Kerr).

20 to 30 though quite conveniently is the time to make mistakes and have a ball whilst doing so. It is the time to have fun and enjoy the ride; I best stop before I come across as if I am about to break out into song. When did we start putting pressure on ourselves to achieve perfection during these ten years? Why do we all of a sudden strive to tick off our goals before we have grown as individuals? We go along at full speed presumptuous that we won’t crash rather than enjoy the ride and take detours. As William Shakespeare once wrote “joy’s soul lies in the living,” in fact what are we gaining if we are missing it and letting it pass on by? Qualms and meltdowns are regular occurrences in my household yet even I am learning to let my hair down. Don’t take life too seriously, it will dumb you down. Instead keep your head high and own your twenties. If nothing else has convinced you then remember this: puppies are just as cute as babies and don’t cost half as much, Ryan Gosling isn’t with you because he hasn’t met you yet and you can get around to writing that great novel when you’re old and grey.

Scarlett Clark is a twenty-something English journalist who has worked in the industry since she was only 14! She has gained experience in journalism, editorial and writing all over Europe and the States. Scarlett has a giggle rather than a laugh and wears heels on a daily basis yet she is a fearless blonde who enjoys informing the masses and whose mission in life has always been to have an impact on the world even if in a small way. Scarlett is the founder and editor of Scriptoersis. You can follow her on Twitter @Scarlett_C22.

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  1. I love this. I feel the same way actually and wrote about it today. I’m going to use this time to explore and really find myself instead of taking things too seriously. If it’s going to be the best time of my life I can’t be scared to live it!

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