Happy 2nd Birthday, Twenties Unscripted!

The story goes a little something like this: two years ago, I had nothing more than advice from Melinda Emerson that I needed to purchase a dot com for my blog coupled with an insatiable hunger to write. That was it. July 5, 2012 was the day I bought the domain name for www.twentiesunscripted.com and it has been a wild, unpredictable and life-affirming ride ever since then.

In some ways, the blog’s “birthday” has become bigger than my own. Perhaps it’s a bit strange to celebrate the birth of an inanimate object, but this blog is my lifeblood. It gives me meaning and purpose to have a place to share my truth and connect with people who receive that truth. It’s a tough thing to explain without turning into a half-crazy zealot the way I did a few nights ago when a friend of mine mocked me about a blog post. (I may have set the Guinness World Record for number of times “go fuck yourself” was uttered in a conversation, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’m reserving this entire month to writing specific posts about this journey, the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned and the gratitude I have. So, I will not squeeze all of those heavy things into a few paragraphs here. Instead, on the blog’s birthday, I want to honor the one thing that has kept this blog afloat–the writing. I’ve written a lot. Like A LOT. Like A LOT, A LOT. I’ve done my best to re-read my work and pull the bits from the past year that I think most reflect this space, my evolution as a writer and my propensity to say really ridiculous shit. Hope you enjoy this Twenties Unscripted trip down memory lane.

“Well, I started the blog because I didn’t hear my voice anywhere else. I wasn’t Lena Dunham. I wasn’t your Black Queen. I wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, wait, Carrie Bradshaw isn’t real. Either way, I was some misfit of a writer with all of those influences projected on me, but none of them entirely emblematic of my life experience.” “I Rant, I Roar, But Mostly, I Write: 2013 Twenties Unscripted Mantra” July 10, 2013

“The primary way I’ve made an ounce of sense out of the past few years of my life is to write about them. Observe it. Experience it. Write it. Do not sugar coat it; life does not come to us complete with preservatives. It is raw, rare and uncooked. Sometimes it is ugly, unusual and unfortunate. But, that is what it is. So, you write through it.” The Rise Of The Woman Confessional Writer July 23, 2013

“Twenties Unscripted is about getting women to own our lives, relationships and mistakes.” Quit Fantasizing About Other People’s Lives And Go Live Yours August 13, 2013

“Writing is a lot of thinking and a lot of drinking.” Writing Is Crawling Out Of The Belly Of The Beast With A Story To Tell” August 14, 2013

“I hope that by the time I’m 30, Twenties Unscripted became something. That if nothing else, it drove people to figure their shit out and make mistakes while doing it.” When Twenties Unscripted Is All Said And Done August 15, 2013


Black Weblog Awards, Houston, November 2013
Black Weblog Awards, Houston, November 2013

“When someone has only one foot in your life, their partial residence is more agonizing than their absence. Sure, at first you believe you are saving yourself the eternal sting of their vacancy, so you comply with the scant texts, the “let me hit you up” later and the invitations you initiate that they never seem to fully accept or outright deny. They are a master of diplomacy, saying things that do not blatantly make them an asshole but also not saying things that would undoubtedly persuade you of their feelings. Every text becomes a game, every conversation becomes a ball of nerves, every night ends in you sitting up in bed picking apart their sentences until you are down to their syllables.” Either Be In My Life Completely Or Not At All August 19, 2013

“You learn that the world is small, but it is now pint-sized thanks to social media.” Social Media Is Filled With Land Mines From Your Past September 3, 2013

“You are the only person who signs the receipts on your life’s decisions.” Can We Agree To End The “90 Day Rule” Conversation? September 9, 2013

“Don’t chill out. Speak up. Think. Feel. Care about something. Be excitable and be excited. Let things ignite you. Be a pistol. Be a thunderbolt. Be someone at a dinner table with something thought-provoking to say.” You Don’t Need To Be A Chill Girl; Feelings Are Allowed September 18, 2013

“That’s why I think we have to dismantle this mantra of ‘keeping it real.’ It’s as though people can be outright douchebags and hide it under the guise of ‘just being honest’.No. It’s not honesty. It’s assholery at its finest and you need to learn and implement some tact in your life.” There’s A Difference Between Keeping It Real And Being An Asshole September 24, 2013

“Do not surrender your twenties to being a fraud. Stop faking friendships, stop faking relationships, stop faking happiness, stop faking your interests, stop faking orgasms. Just quit. And, learn how to get yourself on a path to the real thing. Learn how to chop down the weeds, cut through the bullshit and find the authentic thing. It’s there.” Do Not Surrender Your Twenties Pt. 2 October 7, 2013

“It never ceases to blow my mind when women know how many carats they want on an engagement ring and they don’t even have, um, I don’t know…a boyfriend? Wouldn’t that be the first step? It’s amazing that you can know you want a princess cut diamond and you don’t even have a fucking 401K.” The Silly Obsession With Engagement Rings October 23, 2013

“Rip up the sketch. Eradicate the image. Let go of the expectations others set for you, or worse, the ones you set for yourself.” Let Go Of How It Should Be October 30, 2013

“I sometimes doubt myself and my work. Not too long ago, I changed the title of a post about

NYC Bloggers Brunch, November 2013
NYC Bloggers Brunch, November 2013

ten times before I clicked publish. I worry about teetering the fine line between using my life as my material and keeping enough of myself private. I try not to drop a plethora of f-bombs per my parents’ suggestion. (Hey, Mom and Dad.) I work hard not to exploit my friendships or relationships. But, I also try to give enough of myself so that people, especially women, connect and see themselves. Because I know that no matter how tired I get, every day I work at this, I am doing something I adore. Few things in life can replace a feeling like that.” Writing, Goals And General Musings About WTF I’m Doing With My Life November 20, 2013

“Don’t let people tell you your twenties are 10 years of the same shit. And, if they tell you that, don’t listen to them. Don’t let that happen. Don’t believe them. Let yourself evolve and grow and change and let go. If you are the same person at 24 who you were at 21, you’re not doing this thing right.” The Difference Between 21 And 24 January 13, 2013

“Feed your passion. Get that check. And, if the rubber finally meets the road and you find a way to do those both simultaneously, well, that’s fucking amazing and some celestial being has looked out for you. But, do not sit idle waiting for that to happen. The rubber does not meet the road without you being on a relentless grind. Move. Work. Bust your ass. Then bust your ass some more.” Passion And Paychecks February 5, 2013

“Writing as a discipline, writing as an art form, writing as an outlet is so much better than what the Internet has made it out to be.” I’m Really Tired Of People Writing For Hits And Shock Value February 19, 2014


Twenties Unscripted Presents "See. Speak. Feel." March 2014
Twenties Unscripted Presents “See. Speak. Feel.” March 2014

“Blogging is about consistency. Blogging is about consistency. ONE MORE TIME, BLOGGING IS ABOUT CONSISTENCY.” The Blogging Game: Stop Waiting For Inspiration February 21, 2014

“Some days, I am in the quicksand. And, as I stand there feeling as though I’m about to go under, I force myself to remember that things happen for a reason.” When It Feels Like You’re Drowning In Quicksand March 1, 2014

“Create meaning. Bring meaning. Add value. Seek to become a person who adds substance, not just sugar.” Do It With Passion Or Not At All March 3, 2014

“I don’t want part. I want the whole. The entire fucking whole. I want the stories and the passion and the scars. I want the lust and the love and yes, the attention. I want someone to have my back the way I have theirs. I want someone to hold my dreams close and hold my secrets closer. I want someone to give of themselves fully the way I believe in giving of myself to others. The way I believe in giving of myself to everything in this world that I do. Every relationship I take on, every friendship I value, every goal I chase after. I do not want part. I want the whole.” Settling For Part When You Can’t Have The Whole March 4, 2014

“But, know that passivity is a decision. Keeping him around is a decision. Turning a blind eye to

Twenties Unscripted Presents "Brunch, Blogs and Books" May 2014
Twenties Unscripted Presents “Brunch, Blogs and Books” May 2014

what happened is a decision. People are quick to mistake doing nothing as indecisiveness. Doing nothing is a decision. Inertia is a decision.” Doing Nothing Is A Decision April 30, 2014

“Writing is not how I make my living; writing is how I make my life.” Writing Isn’t How I Make My Living, It’s How I Make My Life” May 29, 2014


“Pay the least attention to what he texts, less to what he says and most to what he does.” What I Know About Life Three Years After Graduation May 20, 2014

“Lifting someone else up never, ever lessens you. If anything, it elevates you.” We Need To Show Each Other Authentic Support June 23, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Twenties Unscripted. It’s probably completely inappropriate to cheers to a toddler, but here’s to many more years of wine, writing, women and wisdom.



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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday, Twenties Unscripted!
    I don’t always comment, but I do have this blog bookmarked and I’ve been in love with it since I first came across it some time during the second half of last year.
    There is no denying that you do write A LOT and that’s what I appreciate most about Twenties Unscripted. The writing.
    I’ve taken A LOT out of many of the posts that I’ve read on here and I love the fact that I can relate. Many of them have made me take a look at myself/my life and just think, “D*mn, she hit the nail right on the head.” Lol.
    I also appreciate the consistency..unfortunately, a lot of bloggers lack that, but it’s definitely not hard to tell that your blog is your baby and you put your ALL into it. I’m excited to see where Twenties Unscripted takes you.
    Keep writing, because your writing is the bomb! <3

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