I like emails. (and it’s not one of those inboxes that gets checked once a month; I’m slightly obsessive about it.)

Or, you can use this handy dandy contact form. Because it will just go to my email which I just told you I check obsessively.

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3 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Hey! We used to go to high school together, but I don’t know if you’ll remember me at all. Through the wonders of facebook I stumbled on Twenties Unscripted. I have to admit to lurking in the dark for the last couple months or so, and as major life changes have been rocking my world I’ve been turning to your blog more and more to remind me that I’m not the only twenty-something out there from Baltimore trying to shit out. Write on, lady, your blog is awesome. 🙂

  2. Stumbled across your wonderful blog this morning and felt compelled to leave a comment. You are an amazing writer with a very distinct, special voice. So happy to have a new blog to read! – Lily

    1. Lily, thank you so much for your comment. However you stumbled upon this blog, I am glad you did and I hope you will keep reading. Much love.

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