Introducing the New Meet Tyece Video + Updates to

In 2013 I wrote, “You write about the tough moments. The foolish moments. The beautiful moments. You write and write and write. And, then, it reaches someone. Just one person. And, that is why you keep writing.”

I have kept writing on Twenties Unscripted for nearly five years. But so much has shifted, blossomed, tossed and turned since I started Twenties Unscripted – and even since I filmed the original “Meet Tyece” video at the end of 2015. So, I decided it was time for a spring refresh.

[VIDEO] Meet Tyece Wilkins 2017 -filmed and produced by Roconia Price

Check out the video below to hear my perspective on how things have changed since I started Twenties Unscripted and what’s on deck for the next step in my creative journey.

[Refresh] Updates to

In addition to the new video, I’ve made a few updates to my second home –

  • New cover page
  • Updated bio
  • Streamlined offerings on the Work With Me page

Mad love goes to my friends Jazzmin Awa-Williams and Roconia Price for making magic when it came to the photography and video for this refresh. My presence on the Internet has certainly evolved over the years, and they’ve both been incredible in bringing that transformation to life.

And, whether it’s your first or 500th time on this site, thank you for rocking with me. It’s always exciting to see what will come next. Happy Spring.


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  1. This was so dope. Also your “ladies first” tank is so amazing. Progression is key. Hunger without hunger pains will keep you going without driving you to falter. My blog and I have also evolved in recent years, and it’s so cool seeing that change within myself. Good luck to you in the future! 😀 Make 2017 amazing.

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