For Irreverent, Observant And Unconventional Women

Not too long ago, I purchased blog merchandise from “All The Many Layers” that says, “beautiful crazy complex free creative inspired love drunk woman.” Since I met GG earlier this year, this is how she has always described her primary audience and it’s a pretty dope set of adjectives. They are specific. They are memorable. They each carry a connotation and together, they paint a vivid portrait of the kind of woman sitting down to read GG’s work.

I didn’t start Twenties Unscripted knowing my audience. I’m still not sure if I know my damn audience. But, my audience is something I’ve had to devote more thought to as the blog expands. Now I’m at a juncture where I need to attach words to things like my tone, vision, audience or a host of other nebulous concepts.

Clearly, I write for women. I don’t think that’s much of a secret. (But, hey, dudes. Still love you. What’s up, Male Think Tank?) It took more time to consider what sorts of adjectives I would attach to those women for whom I write. Emily and I brainstormed some ideas and I have words such as “frank” and “quirky” scribbled in the margins of my notes from our conversation. I certainly like to think those words apply. But, I also came up with some others.

Irreverent is kind of a terrible word because I don’t necessarily see my audience as an uncouth band of disrespectful broads. But, in this case, I liken irreverent to its close cousin of “sassy”, a member of the trio of adjectives in my blog’s tagline. I write for women who are not afraid to throw a side eye or drop an f-bomb when the moment calls for it. Or when it doesn’t and they just feel like it. I believe in respect–for the people around us and for ourselves. I’m not suggesting we trash respect. But, I write for women who redefine respect. I write for women who don’t misconstrue submission as respect. I write for women who don’t mistake loyalty as respect. I write for women who don’t misinterpret tolerance for someone’s bullshit as respect. I write for women who know any inkling of authentic respect starts with themselves and how they teach others to treat them. I write for women who understand that the word “bitch” or “asshole” might be hurled their way, but that’s just the risk irreverent and assertive women have to take. I write for women who don’t take anyone’s shit.

Observant. Because, unfortunately, it’s rare for people to observe much in today’s world. People let entire days, weeks and months fly by them without ever stopping to think and observe. They just click “like” on everything and retweet some things, but they hardly ever observe what the fuck is really happening. It’s a world of passive engagement and it unnerves me every day. The only way I’m able to pull these blog posts out of thin air is by observing the world around me. The themes aren’t anything new; the perspectives are. The words are. The observations are. But, there is hardly any topic under the sun that has not been written about in some way. I write for women who look closely at the situations and people around them. I write for women who let those observations inspire, challenge and change them.

And, finally, unconventional. I write for women who challenge the shiny little frames that confine us. I write for women who don’t feel obligated to get married or have children, but instead know that both of those paths are decisions that they can elect to make or not make. I write for women who see beyond the 9 to 5, beyond the white picket fence, beyond the fairy tale. I write for women who do not always believe in showing respect toward tradition or convention just because it’s there and it’s what they’ve always been told. I write for women who challenge the status quo.

Irreverent, observant and unconventional women. But, you all are my audience. Maybe you know yourselves better than I do. What other words describe Twenties Unscripted women? Let me know in the comments section.



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  1. As I was reading this, I felt like you were talking to me. Or, I should say, writing about me. Those 3 words.

    Although I’m only 19, I see myself evolving everyday into someone that I absolutely love. Someone who is irreverent, observant and unconventional. And I’ve evolved in that way through personal experiences. And the truth is, people can hold on to whatever anger they’ve accumulated from their past but its because of that past that we, as women, as able to bloom into these beautiful beings. You learn to not give a shit but to also not take anyone’s shit. You learn to seek before you speak and observe from the background sometimes. You learn to take a challenge head first instead of shying away from it. You learn to ignore what society tells you and to simply great and be you.

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