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Twenties Unscripted Presents Love Me Well
A Multimedia Series Celebrating and Elevating Black Love

Premiering Fall 2016

Join the movement by donating to the Love Me Well crowdfunding campaign HERE!

The Story

Back in January, I sat at a a Tapas restaurant with one of my friends and told her that 2016 was the year I would be open to love. When I said it, I thought I was sending some sort of signal to the Universe that I was ready for that life-changing, earth-shattering kind of love to sashay my way.

But, the Universe had something entirely different in mind.

Instead, declaring this as a year I would be open to love has meant a swirl of incredible, palpable, and authentic love circling in my orbit.

And,it’s no coincidence that the love around me has been beautiful, blossoming black love.

Black love is both interesting and intoxicating at a time such as this. It’s personal and political. It’s rare and revolutionary. It’s simultaneously widely celebrated while remaining viciously attacked. Black love is the tapestry of emotions we feel when we listen to LEMONADE. It’s the trumpet of pride that sounds through us when we look at The Obamas on the cover of Essence. But, black love is also breathing and thriving among every day, real people.

I believe the world needs to consume some of those black love stories now more than it ever has before.

And, I believe in the vision at the bottom of my belly to tell some of black love stories through Twenties Unscripted.

The Project

Love Me Well is a limited edition multimedia series debuting on Twenties Unscripted that aims to celebrate and elevate black love. The series, premiering during fall 2016, will tell the story of nine different couples at various junctures of their love journeys. Through photography and both written and podcast interviews, each couple will showcase their individuality and share a significant thread of their love story.

These couples will delve into topics at the epicenter of their unions, including:

  • Black love in a 21st century of black turmoil
  • Cultivating authentic and effective communication
  • The role of God and spirituality in a relationship
  • Building trust and transparency
  • Nurturing a family and raising children
  • Bridging gaps in age and background
  • Balancing careers
  • Cross-cultural black love
  • Juxtaposing black womanhood with vulnerability in a relationship

The Ask

However, I certainly can’t produce this project alone.

After four years at the helm of Twenties Unscripted, I have learned in the unparalleled power of tapping into the community you’ve built. Of leaning on your tribe. Of asking for help when you need it. Multimedia projects such as Love Me Well are the lifeblood of my brand, and it often times requires significant financial resources to pull them off.

Let’s do this one together.

Every contribution to the Love Me Well campaign will be used to offset the production costs of this project. This includes costs for:

Studio rental
Equipment for photo shoots and podcast interviews
Travel to photograph and interview couples
Photo editing fees

Thank you from the tips of my toes and the bottom of my belly for being a part of not only this project, but this movement. Let’s show the world just how extraordinary everyday black love really is.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Love Me Well movement and contribute to the Gofundme campaign today!


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