What Is Left When He Is Gone

This post is an excerpt from Twenties Unscripted: A Journey of Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity. The full essay is available in the book, which is currently available for pre-sale here.


My writing has surfaced as a topic of conversation with many men who fall somewhere into the love/like/lust division. Sometimes, it’s a directive: “Don’t write about me.” Other times it’s a more indirect reference to my ambition: “Tyece, not everybody can be like you.” One time it was an email after we parted ways referring to me as the “Twenties Unscripted writer.” And, sometimes, it’s just an innocent query: “Are you still writing?” I’ve had these conversations on couches, in cars, sprawled across sheets. But, perhaps what puts me most at ease is that I’ve had these conversations where my writing has bubbled up to the top. My writing and I, the inseparable package. Till death do us part. In the words of Lupe Fiasco, wherever I go, she goes.


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  1. Oh, Tyece, I love this who piece SO much, especially this line: “My writing and I, the inseparable package. Till death do us part. In the words of Lupe Fiasco, wherever I go, she goes.” When I don’t know where or who my home is, I always find it in writing – the sort of comfort I can find no matter where I go or what’s happening to me. Home sweet pen & paper.

  2. I felt this with my soul!! I didn’t even read it from my own perspective or experience, but I can absolutely relate. Those butterflies swell up when someone in my life has something unexpectedly good to say about my writing. I remember that time my dad read something I wrote and thought it was brilliant. The way my mom does her little nod of approval, telling me in her way that my work is impressive. I can only hope that everything I touch in this lifetime has the same affect/effect.

  3. I definitely appreciate this post. I can relate to this in reference to “time healing us in ways we do not recognize”. I’ve been through that whole time healing process many times, but I am currently waiting for a healing now. I would say each time it hurts a little more, and currently I am yearning for this healing to come! I can’t wait for the time to come where I don’t feel any emotion about the situation and can just think about it without it having any effect on me.

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