Love Me Well: Chaunece and Moe

Love Me Well is a limited edition multimedia series that aims to celebrate and elevate black love through the stories of 10 different couples. Each couple has showcased their love story through photography and either a written Q&A or podcast interview. This series was made possible thanks to photographer Jazzmin Awa-Williams, podcast producer Austin Weatherington, and 32 incredible crowdfunding campaign backers who invested in the production of the project.

Fun. Playful. Sexy. Those are the three words that immediately come to mind when I think of Chaunece and Moe. The minute they entered the studio for the DC Love Me Well photo shoot, they exuded a liveliness that packed the room.

Chaunece and Moe, photo by Jazzmin Awa-Williams (@jazzthenoise)
Chaunece and Moe, photo by Jazzmin Awa-Williams (@jazzthenoise)

In this second episode of Love Me Well, Chaunece and Moe talk about the challenges and triumphs of raising two children: 1-year-old daughter Monroe and 3-year-old son Carter. Tune in to hear more about how they balance parenting with marriage, manage their household, and keep their bond fresh and fun.

Click below to listen.

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