The Male Think Tank Discusses What Makes A Strong Woman

The Twenties Unscripted Male Think Tank is a select group of men (aka my friends) who anonymously provide their thoughts on select topics once a month on the blog. They each have a designated number to identify them in posts. 

Today, they were asked to respond to one question–what makes a strong woman?

Guy #5

My perspective on this question comes directly from my upbringing. From my single mom, to my hard-working aunts, and my do-it-all grandmother, I’ve been surrounded by “strong women”. Therefore, it seems only natural to me that’s what I’m drawn to.

marc quotePut simply, a strong woman gets shit done. For her family, friends, and even coworkers. She is someone you can confidently rely on without any fear of a letdown. She is stoic when necessary, but also has no issues displaying emotions in a rational way if need be. Her belief system is her backbone, and she will not waver from it; though she can adjust if need be.

A strong woman doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete. She also won’t emasculate her own when in a relationship. Her loyalty and caring nature will make him feel secure, while her independence will let him know she has the willpower to leave if and when she sees fit. Her strength empowers him, and makes their combined fortitude almost impervious to any external forces.

A strong woman is a leader, a companion, and a catalyst for success. Whats not to love about that?

Guy #6 

A strong woman to me is supportive. Also steering away from the independent mindset, and being more interdependent. We need each other. We’re a unit. So many women are hell bent on proving that they don’t need is, and it’s like baby I know, but knowing that you’ve been doing for yourself makes me want to do more for you. I just want you to know I’m here for you. 

 Guy #1

You, know…I really don’t know what makes a “strong” woman now that you ask me. Who am I to say what qualifies someone as a strong or weak person? My idea of those things is pretty fickle, so like you said, I’ll just rattle off what comes to mind. When I think of what makes a strong woman, I think of what makes up my sister. Now I know that people worship celebrities and laud all kinds of great adjectives on them (*cough* Beyonce, *cough* Rihanna), but I see my sister’s strength surpassing theirs. It’s not just because she’s my sister, but it’s because she’s the strongest person that I know.

My sister has dealt with countless setbacks and obstacles that she has had no control over in osi quotelife, but you would never know unless she told you. My sister doesn’t hang her head, ever, and doesn’t break down. Yes, she may get frustrated at times, but there is no quit in her. Yes, she’s a little rough around the edges, but she fiercely defends what’s hers. She’s no pushover, and she doesn’t compromise her morals, but she isn’t a raging bitch either (until you get her mad). I respect my older sister, because I wouldn’t be able to take on as much as she does and keep a positive attitude. She doesn’t crack, and she continues to smile.  I’ve always called my sister “the family gate keeper” because she’s a protector; a lovely protector of what is hers…I guess that to me makes a strong woman.

 Guy #2

When I think of the term “strong woman”, what I like to do is just take off the “woman” part and replace it with “person”.  I personally don’t think the characteristics that make someone “strong” should separate by gender.  Anyone who is “strong’ is someone who can persevere through the tough times, can learn from their mistakes, has the resolve to stand for what they believe in and not care what others think about them, and can learn from their history vs. dwell in it.

This is true for both men and women.  Now, you can state that there certain issues that affect only women (slut shaming & abortion for example).  But EVERYONE faces their own unique challenges.  It could be your race, your gender, your age, your sexuality.

Bottom line, if people can get past the “woman” part, and just focus on “people” instead, we can better realize we’re all facing similar challenges.

 Guy #4

The greatest quality in a strong woman is the ability to provide peace of mind. This is a quality that everyone should have, but I think it is more important for women because of all the negative stereotypes put against them. Women can be seen as crazy, sporadic, spontaneous, and a host of other wild adjectives that can make anybody worry about interacting with them and developing relationships with them. Even if a woman does have those qualities, and I know many that do, she has to be able to have them and not be able to damage herself and other around her. A woman being able to provide the peace of mind that she isn’t about to cuss you out, stab you while you sleep, or any general bug outs, is a really important quality in a strong woman. And if she can do that, she is probably focused on more important things, like her career, her health, etc. Peace of mind is where it’s at.

 Guy #7 (New guy!)

A strong woman’s strength is far more than physical.

A strong woman has firm opinions and fights for what she believes. A strong woman has valor in her voice.  A strong woman is educated, passionate and poised. A strong woman is witty.

garrett quoteA strong woman’s eyes glow with enthusiasm and determination. She takes risks. She doesn’t back down and never loses hope.  A strong woman’s work is never done and is never simply good enough.

She supports her loved ones and knows they’ll support her in the rare instances a strong woman feels fragile.

She is someone I want on my side. Someone I admire.  She is inspirational and pushes others to do more than they thought possible.

Simply put: A strong woman can make a man weak in the knees.


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