Never Settle for One Glass of Wine

Guest Post by Erika Stern

I can’t legally have any wine, but I do think I have wisdom.

Truthfully, I have wine whenever I want. That’s the chase I play with while being an underage party animal. We all experience a chase more than once in our life; whether we are chasing a guy/girl, a job or all and a dream. Once we have what we want, we sometimes don’t want it anymore. It’s like the excitement is no longer there. We have nothing to long for; we have nothing to look forward to; we reached the light at the end of our tunnel. I’ve been told that once you turn 21, the chase to get alcohol and get into bars is clearly gone. I don’t want it to be gone, and what I’m trying to express here is that we should never lose the chase “feeling,” ever.

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that that feeling is exhilarating, regardless of the circumstance. Players, for example, play people because they like the chase; it is a lust journey for them until they themselves get screwed. Some partners who have affairs are looking for something they haven’t had in a while. The chase for something different is thrilling until you get caught. Players and cheaters have temporary highs. My high of getting alcohol with a fake ID is just temporary. Of course, this is reality.

Search for the feeling that should and could be permanent and never lose it. The chase feeling is too good to have just for one night, one week or one month. Lets say you are being interviewed for your dream job. Phone rings; you get the job, now what? If you were to ask me, I would say keep striving for better. Own that job and work what you got. Show your knowledge, and keep moving up the work ladder. Chase beyond what you want. Keep what you want in your horizon but look past it to even higher things. When you dream big, whatever it is that you are dreaming of, your mind wanders to greater heights and you reach more than you ever thought to accomplish- the key is never settling.

I am talking about this feeling like it is an actual emotion, because to me it is. I am sitting here going over all of my accomplishments in my head. I am 18 years old and I have my own website, I contribute for three others, I work two jobs and I just transferred to one of the top schools in the nation. When you have experienced that feeling of an endless explosion of light in your heart and the light that is constantly waking you up every morning, pushing you to never settle- I will applaud you. Chase your dreams and love like you chase cheese with wine. Life is meant to be exciting, don’t lose that feeling.

Erika Stern runs her own website, Additionally, she contributes to Elite Daily, Writtalin and The Eighty 8. She is a student at Stony Brook University. In her free time, she enjoys half-caf coffees, pinning her dream wedding on Pinterest and teaching people how to dougie.

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  1. I applaud you, Ms. Erika! This was very wise advice and even though I’m older, points that I definitely need to take heed to. Never settle, keep up the momentum to striving for better, and I promise you’ll be set for life.

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