Now Is Not The Time To Run


Now is not the time to run.

I know.

I know fear would have you think that this is the precise moment when you should collect all of your belongings, cram them into your knapsack, and make your way to the nearest exit. History would tell you that right now is about the time when things begin to fall apart. Your head would convince you that this is as good as these things are ever going to get, so strap up your Nikes and zoom away. Do not take the risk. Do not pass go. Do not give any more. Do not try any harder.

Leave now.

Leave now before tears are shed and wounds are opened and knees have buckled. Leave now while all of your pieces are still together and all of your dignity is still in tact.

But, no. Now, my dear, is absolutely not the time to run.

See, I know you’ve been here before and are so sure of how this pendulum is going to swing, but what you have not quite learned is what lies only two steps beyond this familiar fear of yours. You do not know how it feels to push yourself forward because this is always the point where you get knocked down. You’re waiting for the fear to do what it always does–break you. Crush you. Smash you. Make a bloody mess out of you. Send you out of the ring.

But, that is not how this story goes. This is not the time to run.

The fear is not just magically going to vanish. There will not be a day when you wake up suddenly free of the shivers and shakes. Your fear will not begin to cloak someone else’s body and make a home there. It does not work like that. Fear does not fail until or unless you force it to malfunction. Until you muzzle it. Until you give it one last kiss goodbye before you take the two steps. Fear does not fail until or unless you choose to move forward and taste the manna of your evolution.

Do not run. Sit at the table. Taste the manna. Lick the plate clean. Kiss the fear goodbye.

This is the breeding ground for growth like you never knew and growth you never knew you needed.

Let your heart stretch now; it will change you forever. Let your spirit feel now; it will change you forever. Set your mind free now; it will change you forever. Everything in this moment now is bound to change you forever.

So, do not run. Lay your burdens down, tuck your Nikes back under the bed, and exhale.

One step forward.

Then one more.

But, whatever you do, please do not run.


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