Ode to Crushes

Alright, this isn’t really gonna be an ode because it’s 1:40am and I don’t have the patience to be metaphoric and sing songy and all that.

But, I think it’s time to pay some respect to crushes.

We as human beings do not allow ourselves to have enough crushes. I’ve decided I’m a firm believer in this. We’re too wrapped up in getting serious and getting in relationships and getting our hearts broken and getting married and doing all of that shit that you just don’t have to do until later. We’re super focused on the serious stuff and we don’t allow ourselves to just be playful and have a good time.

You should face this fact: soon enough, your life will not be quite as fun as it is now (talking to my college people…my non-college people already know this reality.) Soon enough, the days will start to blend together like one big not-so-delicious protein shake and you will need something to break up the monotony of staring at the floor of your cubicle wondering what’s on TV for that night. And, well, crushes are just one of the things that do that.

I’m not suggesting you making flirting a hobby. Ew goodness no. I am suggesting you allow yourself to be open. Stop yourself from thinking ”Ugh, I would never…” and allow your mind to go to that place where you say, “Yeah, he’s cute in that weird way.” Forget everything you learned about having “a type” and if something about someone piques your interest, roll with it. Because here’s the thing about crushes: they’re ephemeral. Just because you think someone’s attractive or he has a great smile or he looks great in a blue polo doesn’t mean you’re trying to have his babies. Doesn’t mean you’re trying to have his last name. It means that he’s attractive or he has a great smile or he looks great in a blue polo. Sometimes it’s simple. We’re the idiots walking around making it more complicated.

It’s OK to give your mind some gum and give it something to chew on while it also focuses on other things. It’s OK to give your heart an excuse to pitter patter a wee bit faster for a few days. Sometimes I feel like the Joker, looking at people like “Why so serious?” Why the fuck are you so serious? It’s OK to be playful and flirty and throw yourself into something (or onto someone) who, in a day or a week or a month, you might not give two shits about. Live a little. I promise life will only reward you for doing so.

Leaving you with my current quote of the week (yes, I write those on my white board) and some Soledad O’Brien for that ass:

“There is opportunity-and sometimes joy-in chaos and the unknown.”

Love freely,


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