Pt. 2 | The Lover And The Nurturer

“If someone does not want me it is not the end of the world. But if I do not want me, the world is nothing but endings.” ― Nayyirah Waheed

Alexis: The Lover


Photo credit: @jazzthenoise

One of my guilty pleasures is reality TV…well, more so an obsession rather than a guilty pleasure. And one of the more ridiculous shows that I love to indulge in is RuPaul’s Drag Race. What could be better than watching 10 drag queens vie for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar”? I’ve watched it for a few seasons now and yes, the crazy costumes and drag queen drama sessions are entertaining, but there is one part of the show that resonates with me no matter what season I am watching. At the end of each episode, Ru’s tagline to the queens is “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else?”

I have spent the good part of the last year finding out what that really means.

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Raven: The Nurturer

Photo credit: @jazzthenoise

Photo credit: @jazzthenoise

Society tells us to be nurturing is to be a woman. The caregiver, the school teacher, the consoler, the sacrificer, the advice giver, and the support system. Society places all of these roles under the command of women who are expected to fulfill them with grace and absolute consent.

My mother and grandmother are quintessential examples of the word “nurturer.” They seem to tirelessly give emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial support to their loved ones, all while raising their own families, working and maintaining their respective homes. And seeing how their actions were rewarded, I took pride in how caring they were. I saw how the family gravitated around them with love and admiration, turning to them for advice. My mother and my grandmother always seemed to know what to do or say for any situation. They are the rocks of the family.

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