Autumn at Twenties Unscripted: Four Big Announcements

While everyone was off enjoying the last unofficial days of summer, I was packing boxes and sweating my ass off hauling them into my new place. Getting ready for the move meant taking a much-needed break from the blog, but now I’m writing this live from my home office! (See below…this isn’t a lifestyle blog, so you know I only get to share photos like this about four times a year.)


But, it’s pretty worthless to have all this extra workspace if I don’t actually…work. So, I’m back from my hiatus with four important announcements for autumn here at Twenties Unscripted.

The Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity Brunch | D.C. Edition | Saturday, Oct. 3

WWR Digital Flyer RND1

You didn’t think the book mayhem was over yet, did you? This fall I’m hosting two Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity brunches, kicking off in D.C. on Saturday, Oct. 3 at noon. I’ll be joined by Austin Weatherington of IntellectuCOOL and GG Renee Hill of All The Many Layers as we chop it up about the book, how we infuse authenticity into our work and what it means to stay true to yourself in today’s social media saturated world. Grab your tickets here!


Blogging Unscripted Conference Call Series

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I figured I could keep complaining about all of the exorbitant experts out there charging the equivalent of a month’s rent for their services, or I could do something about it.

I decided to do something about it.

This fall I’m kicking off the Blogging Unscripted conference call series where I’ll share bits and pieces of what I’ve learned during my journey as a personal blogger.

When I landed my first speaking gig back in April, my first thought was, “YASSSSS!” But that “YASSSSS” was quickly followed by “Wait, what the hell am I doing?” As a blogger, I wasn’t sure how to translate my body of online work into talking points and sound bites. And there wasn’t much out there to guide me.

In the Page to Platform conference call, we’ll delve into:

  • Why a solid understanding of your audience is the key to sinking or swimming as a speaker
  • How to translate your blog posts into sound bites
  • What public-speaking secrets will elevate your speaking gig to the next level (pulled from Carmine Gallo’s “Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds”)
  • The seven questions to ask before any speaking engagement

Whether you want to start speaking as a blogger, are looking to elevate your speaking skills or just want to hear me talk for an hour, this first installment of Blogging Unscripted is all for you (queue that Janet Jackson song).

Real. Substantive. No bullshit. Sign up here.


Twenties Unscripted Up for Two 2015 Black Weblog Awards!


I dropped my name back in the hat for two categories in this year’s 2015 Black Weblog Awards. I’m looking for the TU Tribe to be out in full effect when voting kicks off next month!


The Male Think Tank Is Back!

Mimosas and Men 1

After a hiatus this summer, The Male Think Tank will return next week with its post “Has Tinder Ruined Dating?” Be on the lookout for new posts every month and, if you’re in the D.C. area, we’re bringing Mimosas and Men back! Stay tuned for more details.

If you thought it was nuts in the world of Twenties Unscripted this past summer, you haven’t seen anything yet.

As always, thanks for the love, support and encouragement. Every little drop of that stuff counts to keep me going.


Recap: My 8 Favorite Moments From Mimosas and Men

The Male Think Tank + their main woman :)  Photo credit: Erica Nichole
The Male Think Tank + their main woman 🙂
Photo credit: Erica Nichole

When the idea to do an event called “Mimosas and Men: Brunch and Real Talk with the Male Think Tank” came to me at the end of February, I wasn’t sure the men would buy into it. I knew they liked writing anonymously for the site, but I assumed an event that would bring their faces and voices to the forefront wouldn’t necessarily hold as much appeal.

But, I was wrong. And I’m so glad I was.

On Sunday, April 19, five members from the Twenties Unscripted Male Think Tank (plus an honorary one) came together in NYC with 17 women for a no holds barred conversation about dating, relationships and sex. The afternoon was filled with honesty, laughs, some yells and a hell of a lot of fun. Here were some of my favorite moments, lessons and epiphanies from Mimosas and Men. And a huge thanks to my partner-in-crime Erica Nichole for capturing these hilarious moments on camera!

8. Never tell a group of women you would want to date someone for 7-10 months before making it official.

The first answer of the day that incited uproar was when Chris announced he wanted to date someone for 7-10 months before making it official. His reasoning? “I want to see the full spectrum of a person.” The women definitely didn’t agree, but it made for an interesting debate. (Most of the men agreed 2-3 months of dating before making it official is more of the norm.)

Clearly they were not here for it. At all.
Clearly they were not here for it. At all.


7. You can make more money than a man; just don’t emasculate him.

“A man needs to feel like a man,” Malcolm said during the “What if the woman is the breadwinner?” query. I have always had my own qualms with the “A man needs to feel like a man” theorem, but Malcolm did a great job explaining it. He said men want to feel like providers and it doesn’t bode well for them when you strip them of that feeling, whether they make more money than you or not.

6. Say what you want about cheating, but it all boils down a lack of respect.

The cheating conversation was another one that quickly catapulted into a full blown explosion, but Kevin brought everyone back down to Earth with a very simple statement: “It all boils down to a lack of respect.” Let the church say amen.

Ok, now they're here for it. Photo credit: Erica Nichole
Ok, now they’re here for it.
Photo credit: Erica Nichole

5. Can we stop referring to the number of sexual partners a person has had as “body count?”

Darius said it. I agree. This isn’t a massacre, people.

Darius offering his perspective. Photo credit: Erica Nichole
Darius offering his perspective.
Photo credit: Erica Nichole

4. Who keeps the door open when a man loses interest, yet still keeps you on the bench?

This discussion wasn’t as heated as some of the others, but it definitely forced me to consider who the onus is really on when men “keep the door open” with a woman they are only semi-interested in. (Ah, memories. Like the corners of my mind.) Some of the ladies wondered why men do that and block them from a chance at something with someone else, but Marc played devil’s advocate and made a valid point: maybe that’s just you blocking yourself from something better. It’s all about perspective and ownership. Who stays, who goes and what you choose to tolerate may actually be up to you.

3. Even if you had sex with his friend a decade ago, it’s a problem.

When we got to the sex round, somehow the infamous question surfaced: What if she smashed the homie? The majority of the men agreed that if a woman had sex with one of his close friends, she was immediately and undoubtedly off limits. “What if it was 14 years ago?” one of the ladies asked. For Osi, that didn’t matter. “That’s just always going to be in the back of my mind,” he said.

2. Invite Noélle to your next event.

See the exhibit below. Enough said.

Noelle letting the men know what's up. Photo credit: Erica Nichole
Noelle letting the men know what’s up.
Photo credit: Erica Nichole

1. I’m a lucky ass woman to have these women and men in my life.

Even though there were instances while I was moderating the panel that it felt like I was directing traffic (there was a moment where I asked everyone to calm the fuck down, in those exact words), I had an amazing time that afternoon. Looking around the room, I felt incredibly fortunate for the level of support I’ve received from my New York ladies. I always get such good vibes and energy when I have a chance to connect with them. Their voices, honesty and encouragement continue to help shape this brand. I also felt beyond grateful for each of the guys in the room. Each of the men, in some way, shape or form, have contributed to the success of Twenties Unscripted, and many of them have had a stake in my own life–imparting whatever wisdom they have, helping me learn about myself and navigate my dating life and listening to me vent a hell of a lot. It’s good to just have good people around you, male or female. Thank God for mimosas and thank God for men.

Stay tuned for Mimosas and Men Part 2, at some point later this year!


Event Announcement | Mimosas and Men: Brunch and Real Talk with the Male Think Tank

This has been in the works for awhile. It may be the most turned up one yet.

Come out for brunch and a chance to hear from half of the Male Think Tank about dating, relationships, sex and everything else you want to discuss.

Don’t miss out. Click here to register.

Can’t make it but still want to get involved? Submit your anonymous questions for the Male Think Tank here

Mimosas and Men event