The Other Dimensions


I couldn’t write this one in second person. Couldn’t hide behind poignant paragraphs or punchy sentences. Because sometimes truth is not poignant or punchy. Sometimes truth is simply necessary.

I’ve been away. Blogging less. Tweeting less. Event planning less. Strategizing less. Checking my numbers less. Thinking about Twenties Unscripted less. At a time when there’s unprecedented pressure to hustle and “build your brand” I have deliberately taken a step away from mine. c Only a few days after I announced several things on the horizon for Twenties Unscripted this autumn, I canceled most of them and turned my focus toward other parts of life starving for my attention.

My fingertips are bloody from clawing my way to a balanced life.

After two years of making Twenties Unscripted the alpha and the omega, I have finally accepted responsibility to nurture other dimensions of my life. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I talked a good game about trying to find balance last year, but I didn’t do it. I still catapulted myself into a flurry of projects. I still let my identity as Tyece of Twenties Unscripted rule, reign and influence me the most.

But, I am not a one-trick pony. There’s a blessing and curse in that. Some days I think it would be easier if there were just one thing I were good at, one thing I could chase with my whole heart. But, there are other parts of me that deserve to rule, reign and influence. It doesn’t mean those identities are at war. It doesn’t mean silencing one aspect of myself so other aspects can shine. But it does mean that to whom much is given, much is required. It does not mean listening to the other parts of myself when they whisper that they need my attention so I can give them the love they deserve.

I don’t write much about my full-time career in communications, but it is incredibly important to me and is one area where I’ve recently made a change. After four years of kickstarting that career in one place, I acknowledged it was time to evolve. Move on. Grow. Do something different. Take on a new challenge. So I did just that.

I’ve also thrown more energy at my spoken word. Spoken word has always been something I just sort of dabbled in, but the poet in me has recently been rattling the cage. She’s ready to get out. So I’m prepping for my first ever feature performance next week.

I can’t say it feels good to step away from the machine. But, I can say it feels right and it feels necessary. I always knew this time would come, and I cowered from it for awhile.

Twenties Unscripted will always be the pulse of the entire operation. And nothing I’ve written here implies I am abandoning my beautiful little corner of the Internet. But, at least in the foreseeable feature, I will be writing less–probably once a week. I won’t host any more events until “See. Speak. Feel.” in March 2016. I have a project on deck for the end of the year that will highlight the voices of nine other incredible women and the work of my amazing friend and photographer, Jazz Williams. Even when I step away, preserving and growing this space still tugs at my heartstrings.

It’s easy to get lost in building a brand. It’s easy to dissolve in the deluge of tweets telling you ten ways to grow your following. It’s easy to throw every bit of yourself into this thing you’ve built and love with every fiber of your being. But, it’s much harder to trust that the very thing you built can stand on its own two feet. It’s harder to look at the other parts of life where maybe you’ve grown complacent and make a concerted effort to evolve. It’s harder to step away in favor of nourishing the other dimensions of yourself.


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