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July 22, 2014. One day before I flew to BlogHer in San Jose. But, July 22, 2014 was also the day Brown Girl Bloggers published my Blogger Spotlight. I’ve done a lot of interviews since then. I’ve answered a ton of questions. I have told the story of how I started Twenties Unscripted more times than I would like to count. But, it was something I said in that particular Brown Girl Bloggers spotlight that never quite felt right and always stuck with me:

What are your future plans for your personal brand?
My personal brand is something I didn’t start thinking about until a few months ago. I always just thought “Tyece Wilkins = Twenties Unscripted”. When you think of me, you should think of the blog. When you think of the blog, you should think of me. I still believe that. But, it’s not that easy. Personally, I want to begin to be viewed as a source on writing for and about millennial women. I don’t know if I have any concrete plans for my personal brand. I do want to take another shot at throwing my name in the hat to speak at blogging conferences next year, but I’ll have to think more about it. Maybe my plan for my personal brand is thinking of a plan for my personal brand. Go figure.


It makes me both cringe and smile to read those words now. I see tenacity blended with insecurity. I feel the confidence mixed with misgivings. I want to yank the word “source” out of the response and tell the woman who wrote that how much more she’s bound to become. I want to tell her that she will transform into an influence, not merely a source. And, more than anything, I want to tell the Tyece who wrote those words that this equation does not work. Tyece Wilkins ≠ Twenties Unscripted. Tyece Wilkins is a separate entity. She is a woman with layers, complexities, and gifts. She is more than the voice behind a brand. She is her own emblem.

I didn’t know that back in 2014. It took all of 2015 for me to figure it out and draw the line in the sand. It took all of 2015 for me to gain that confidence in the woman God was assembling and the trio of talents he had given her.


The first lines I wrote in January’s snail mail edition were “Roar. This is the year of boom. This is the year of loud laughter and big truth and bright lights. This is the year of a voice that doesn’t shake even when the ground below is rocky or the waters get choppy or the fire gets hot.” 

I told my mastermind group that if I had a word for the year, it would be amplification.

See, this is the year that I go boom. It’s the year that my writing goes boom. It’s the year that my speaking goes boom. It’s the year that my spoken word goes boom. It’s the year that I stop ducking for cover, making excuses, or pushing other parts of my artistry to the side. It’s the year that I rise to the challenge of living out every branch of my purpose.


And, yet, I still don’t quite know what I’m doing. In this life, it’s possible to know who you are and why you’re here while still not knowing exactly what you’re doing. But, I am giving way to the growth. I’m letting that growth lead. I’m letting it encourage me to step into this next leg of the journey and completely outside of my box–scary and uncertain as that might be.

WYOA promo

The debut of represents the official launch of my writing services and the free monthly “Write Your Ass Off” cultivation call! As part of the launch celebration, all one-on-one packages are half off until April (aka a whopping $25 dollars). Head over to the Work With Me page to learn more and sign up.

The story.

Evolution. Amplification. Risk. Elevating the woman behind the words. Living out every branch of my purpose as a writer, speaker, and spoken word artist. That’s the narrative behind

What has changed.

Twenties Unscripted isn’t going anywhere. I’m so happy and full right now when it comes to this blog and how much it has grown. So, TU will remain the umbrella for my writing and other mainstays of the brand. But, I’ve transitioned my spoken word archive to

Most importantly, I’ve replaced the former “Work With Me” page with a link to This is where I’ve established my writing services and built out more of a presence to highlight past, future, and potential speaking engagements.

The hardest part.

I had to shut off the noise. There’s a lot of it these days. But, I had to remember something I heard awhile ago–there’s a difference between a signal and noise. A signal summons someone’s attention. A noise just distracts them. With everything I do, I have to create a signal.

I also had to scrape for some courage at the bottom of my heart to finally declare that my energy and time are worth something. I had to dig for some chutzpah to truly believe in the knowledge, skills, and expertise that come with writing a book and building an award-winning blog. I had to stop shying away from saying that I created an award-winning blog. I had to be open enough to share what I know and self-assured enough to position it as more than just something you can gather on a Google search.

Yes, this was the hardest part. Work With Me was one of the last pages I created. Because it induced all these fears of rejection and beckoned that sneaky little devil on my shoulder.

But, it’s there now. It’s live. The devil on my shoulder has once again been put to rest. So, welcome to the woman behind the words:


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