All Things In Due Time

all things in due time

I don’t know exactly where this story begins. I don’t know if it starts somewhere in 2013 when I grew a pair and decided I wanted to speak at BlogHer 2014. I don’t know if it starts somewhere after that when I grew another pair and decided I wanted to speak at Blogging While Brown 2014. I do not know if this story starts after both of those pitches were rejected and I sulked and shook my fists at the sky. I don’t know if this story starts earlier this year, when unbeknownst to everyone, my friend Erica and I were pitching to speak at Blogging While Brown for a second time. Maybe this story starts a few weeks after we submitted that pitch and got another rejection. I don’t know if this story starts the day after that when my good friend and writing soulmate GG Renee Hill asked me to join her on a panel she was pitching for DC Bloggers Week. Or maybe this story started that same day when I reached out to Erica for us to pitch our personal blogging workshop for a third time to DC Bloggers Week. I don’t know if this story starts where both the panel and workshop got picked up for DC Bloggers Week.

Or, maybe this story starts a really long time ago when I bookmarked a post from Thought Catalog, a site I no longer frequent, entitled, “When You Are Always Waiting.”

“People tell you all the time that you are impatient. And you know you are. You know that you are filled with nothing but desire, and are often incapable of understanding the great privilege that is being you in this very moment. But it is only because you love, because you love so much that your very heart hurts and you don’t know what to do with it. You want everything to go from 0 to 60 immediately because 60 is the only place you feel truly comfortable, and everything else just feels like foreplay. You know that impatience is the mark of immaturity, of ungratefulness, of petulance. And perhaps you really are all of those things. But for now, you only know that you are waiting. You are waiting for the city, the job, the person that will make everything feel at once instantaneous and somehow pleasantly slow. Because when you’re finally able to slow down, that is when you’ll know you are happy.”

This is not a story of persistence. This is a story of impatience. This is a story of a character flaw. This is a story of a ravenous appetite for success and how no steady diet of accomplishment ever seems to satisfy it.

Sometimes I am insatiably, stupidly, selfishly hungry for the next thing. There is this pit in the middle of my stomach that is never quite full enough, so I grasp for what is next, what will follow, what will be my new idea. It’s not a comfortable way to live, but it’s the only way I really know how. I am always at 60, always going, always on overdrive. And it’s exhausting and it’s frightening and it is debilitating in ways that I try not to show. I have to fight to quiet my mind. It doesn’t shut down or relax on its own. It screams and it roars and it’s always shouting at me to work on something else, come up with something else, do something else, focus on something else. Open a new tab. Draft another email. Tell another motherfucker just how you feel. Clawing at what is next does not allow me to live fully in any moment, not even the moments I fight so hard to create. That makes me sad and I sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it, or if I’m missing out on just how good and delicious it feels to be Tyece right here and right now. I keep trying to strike a balance between focusing on the future and enjoying the present, but my Libra scale is the most deceptive sign I have ever seen.

I wanted to speak.

People ask what I want to do and I am careful never to fully display my blueprint. But, I want to write and I want to speak. Those are the modes of expression that feel most familiar to me. Hell, those are the things I do well. Of course I like doing them. I knew for awhile that I wanted my voice at conferences, on panels, in dimly-lit theaters and on stage. I knew that. I believed I had something to say. I believed I had extracted enough from this bizarre blogging journey to finally talk about it and share the bits of this voyage. But it wasn’t the right time. It wasn’t like an open mic night where I could just get up on stage and spew my truth because I had a platform and a few friends to root me on. And I kept shaking my fists at the sky because I did not have the foresight to understand that it wasn’t my time.

I don’t know if it’s my time. I am not going to go all Nicki Minaj and declare that it is my time.  But what I do know is all things happen in due time, all things happen when the Universe is ready. I suck at seeing that. I am as impatient as a motherfucker. I want it all and I want it now and you can’t tell my heart or head any different. But, I have seen the beauty in holding on and standing still. I have seen just how much the Universe can and will do with a little bit of patience and a shit ton of faith. I have seen it because of the places I’ve been, the pits I’ve traversed, the people I have met and the experiences I’ve had. And I do not say that simply for a speaking gig, I say it for all of the things in my life that I have been insatiably, stupidly, selfishly hungry for. I remind myself that for all things in my life–for love, for fulfilled dreams, for breakthroughs, for new friendships, for the ability to let go, for burdens lifted, for forgiveness, for anxiety reduced, for a sold-out show, for a bank account that doesn’t make me wince, for a clearer understanding of my path, for a firmer foundation in my purpose, for a partner who loves me fully and unwaveringly, for the beautiful things, for the small things, for the big things, for the good things–all things in due time. All things when the Universe is ready.


4 Replies to “All Things In Due Time”

  1. I struggle with these thoughts constantly. I’m always thinking and quite frankly, I think too much. I frequently have so many thoughts from on second to the next that I have to write them down in that moment just so I don’t forget things in the next ten minutes. Truly too many thoughts pass through my head and I find myself screaming for me to just “slow down.” I think that’s why I gravitate so much towards writing. I can just write it all out and doesn’t even have to make sense.
    I also understand when it’s not “your time” but you desperately want it to be. I’ve been there. I walked around in it, went to college, law school and floundered around in the abyss of “what the hell am I gonna do with my life?” for a while. I think that was one of the biggest lessons I learned right after I graduated college. I wanted to just be a novelist then and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t coming, why it wasn’t happening. I so desperately wanted to declare it “my time” that I didn’t even realize that no amount of declaration was going to change it. And I’m one of those people who hates the saying “good things comes to those who wait” because I think it makes you complacent. It took a while for me to realize that waiting and bidding my time are two very different things. You can still hustle while you bide time.
    And now, I’m babbling LOL. Just I get it.

  2. Gahhhh!!! This is why I had to find black board wallies for me to write out my insanity. LOL. But I have definitely learned the lesson of slowing down. Quite frankly I got to a point where I felt like I was going to drive myself insane. And I also learned about not only the “universe” being ready but realizing that at certain points, I wasn’t ready for what I thought I was ready for. So the time it took to get there was preparation.

  3. Yes, I can totally relate. Over time I have been re-training myself to slow down and enjoy where I am rather than always focusing on where I want to be. I realised it’s like planning a holiday and when you finally get there you’re already online planning the next one. You miss the culture, you don’t experience the food and you don’t see the sights. Can you imagine! Well life is a journey and by constantly striving, we can miss all the great bits of life.
    I also remind myself that when I get a “no”, it’s doesn’t mean never, it just means not now. A mantra I use often is “trust the process”, which is what I now try to do more and more. Love the honesty in your writing. 🙂

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