We Really Don’t Want To Hear You Bitch And Moan About Being Single: A Male Perspective

June 18, 2013

single male perspWhen I tweeted that someone should write “We Really Don’t Want To Hear You Bitch And Moan About Being Single,” I didn’t think anyone would take the bait. I quickly started mentally jotting down notes for the post I would write based on that title. But, my friend Osi seized the chance to write about his sentiments on the topic as well. Here’s his take on “We Really Don’t Want To Hear You Bitch And Moan About Being Single.” Shout out to the men of Twenties Unscripted.

I get it. You don’t like being single, so you state your relationship status almost every day on the social networks. That’s cool, but that definitely won’t help you change that status. Actually, it does quite the opposite. Keep tweeting #foreveralone, and you might just stay that way for a while. Keep IG’ing those “relationship words of wisdoms” and you may continue to lack one.  The constant reminders of how you’re single get annoying after a while. You might think it’s a joke, but no one really laughs anymore.

Some girls publicly complain so much about being single that I’ve told my friends “it’s not worth it” to try and court them. No guy wants to go on a date with a girl who is hell-bent on getting a boyfriend, or a girl who constantly complains about the quality of men that she’s around. The point of dating is to eventually find a significant other, but I don’t want my friends, or myself, feeling pressured by some chick for a relationship because she can’t just be happy by herself.  The ones who are always complaining sound like a woman scorned, and most guys don’t want to deal with those problems. The girls who are the most desirable are really the ones who don’t mind being single.

To all those who are guilty of constantly complaining about a lack of a man, I have one simple question: Why is being single so damn terrible? Some may not think this right now, but being single is one of the best gifts a person can have. I understand that having a significant other who completely understands you is very appealing, but while you’re single you can be as selfish as you like.  When I use the term “selfish,” I don’t mean that you should take advantage of people for your sake. I mean that you can do what you want to do, when you want and how you want to do it.

Relationships aren’t the end all, be all. They don’t make your life easier, and your inner happiness and peace probably won’t come from one. If anything, a relationship is way more likely to break you for some time, than to make you. If you want a relationship for validation reasons, you’ll never get one. If you think you’re lonely because you’re not in a relationship, then you have some soul searching to do. Don’t be so focused on what you don’t have that you miss appreciating what you do: your friends and your family. If you need validation, look to them. If you need love, look to them, and if you need people to listen, look to them.

A great running back in a movie by the name of Boobie Miles said it best: “Roll with it; don’t fight it. Instead of looking at being single as a solitary confinement sentence, you should look at it as a damn fun time to just be you.

Bio: Osi is not a writer but he’s opinionated and reacts a lot.

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